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Deutsche Leasing Polska is a member of the Deutsche Leasing Group which is represented by around 2000 employees in over 20 countries around the world. The company’s headquarters are located in Bad Homburg v. d. H., Germany. As a member of the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe, Deutsche Leasing is part of one of the largest and strongest financial organisations in the world. This global strength combined with the local knowledge and personal service of our experienced professionals provides our customers with the confidence and financial support they need to grow their business and be successful in today’s economy.

Facts and Figures

Incorporated:   1997
Locations:        :Warszawa (HQ), Poznań, Wrocław

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Deutsche Leasing Polska

The team at Deutsche Leasing Polska supports manufacturers and their customers as well as corporate investors in Poland with its comprehensive market knowledge and expertise. Whatever your requirements may be, whether they involve a customised vendor finance programme to increase your sales activities or an investment in equipment to develop your business, Deutsche Leasing Polska will provide you with consulting and flexible financing solutions. We have industry experts available to provide tailor-made financing products and services. 

Business Environment in Poland

German companies play a vital role in the Polish economy as sales entities and investors. In an ever expanding global economy, there are a variety of challenges when carrying out business in the world marketplace. Legal, tax and accounting challenges as well as language and cultural differences have a major impact on the success of a business. Deutsche Leasing is a trusted partner which will help you overcome these challenges so that you can focus on your core activities today and ensure your company’s success tomorrow.

Deutsche Leasing specialises mainly in the following sectors:

  • Construction equipment
  • Industrial equipment
  • Print and media equipment
  • Transport and material handling equipment
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Other high value equipment

Range of Products and Services

Financial Products

Services for Vendor Partners:

If manufacturers want to increase their sales, then Deutsche Leasing delivers the customised financial solutions needed. We work hard to establish and maintain a relationship with our vendors and their customers and provide them with a variety of benefits, such as:

  • Flexible partnership structures
  • Competitive pricing
  • Tailor-made financial products
  • 100% financing for new asset purchases to preserve the credit line
  • Liquidity for capital investments

Services for German Direct Investors

    • ExtensiveExtensive experience within the specific business sector                                
    • A high level of asset knowledge
    • Advice and service in Polish, German or English
    • A large network and experience within the Polish business community

It is the most common form of lease in our country. In the operating lease, the subject matter of the agreement is included in the property of the financing party (lessor) and only "leased" to the Client. The lessor recognises depreciation charges and the user (lessee) may charge the entire amount of lease payments into tax deductible expenses. Following the expiration of the lease contract, the leased asset is bought by the user for the amount equivalent to the final amount, no lower than the hypothetical net value of the asset.The term of the contract in the case of operational lease depends on the amount of the depreciation rate and usually ranges from 18 to 60 months.
A form of lease in which the subject matter of the contract is included in the user's property and at the same time remains the property of the leasing company. Depreciation charges are recognised by the user who at the same time may charge the interest part of the leasing payment into tax deductible expenses.The leased asset is transferred to the Client for the period of time approximately equivalent to its service life.The minimum term of the finance lease contract is 12 months. Upon the last lease payment being made (all liabilities under the lease contract being settled), the ownership of the fixed asset is transferred to the user.
The financial product compliant with the Accounting Act and the Income Tax Act. It is not recognised in the balance sheet of the user and does not adversely affect debt ratios. This solution is very advantageous for the Clients who are not interested in purchasing the leased asset following the expiration of the contract.
A financial product which is an alternative to the bank credit. The loan may be used to purchase any fixed asset. This product may be particularly interesting to the entrepreneurs who co-finance their investments from EU aid. The procedures related to the examining of loan applications are similar to the procedures applied in the case of lease financing. In practical terms, it means that the operating procedures are simplified, the decisions regarding the granting of financing are issued in a short time, as well as the transaction collaterals are lower than in the case of applying for a bank credit.Throughout the term of the contract, the loanee is the owner of the fixed asset - as a result, it is them who recognise depreciation charges and charge the interest part of the payment into the tax deductible expenses.


For German companies planning to invest in Poland, Deutsche Leasing’s German Desk is specialised in supporting these transactions and delivers:


Deutsche Leasing Polska S.A.
ul. Wybrzeże Gdyńskie 6 A
01-531 Warsaw

Phone: +48 22 504 90 00
Fax: +48 22 504 91 00

Our local branches are situated in the largest cities of Poland:
Deutsche Leasing Polska S.A. (Poznań)
ul. Jarochowskiego 59/2
60-248 Poznań 

Phone: + 48 61 662 58 30 Fax: + 48 61 662 58 36 Email:

Deutsche Leasing Polska S.A. (Wrocław)
ul. Podwale 62 office 316 
50-010 Wrocław 

Phone: + 48 71 373 44 56
Fax: + 48 71 354 45 32

Please contact us with any questions or to set up an appointment. Our team will be pleased to assist you in Polish, German or English.

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Managing Director
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Head of German Desk
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