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Services for Mobility-Customers
  • Are you already a customer of the Mobility business unit and have questions about your mobility? We will be happy to assist you.

Object insurance and services - Solutions for medium-sized businesses

Object insurance and services - the ideal complement for your financing

A tailor-made financing solution today involves more than just the financing itself. We offer you additional services to many of our solutions and thus put together comprehensive service packages for you. These include the right insurance for your investment object as well as services and tools for fleet management or asset management and end-of-life services for your IT hardware.

Insurance of investment objects

Since the lessor remains the owner of the object during the term of a leasing agreement, insurance is mandatory. We offer you the right insurance for your leased object, whether it be machinery in construction, agriculture and production, vehicles or IT objects. We offer you insurance whose benefits go far beyond a business content insurance. One example is our insurance for IT objects: It protects you against operating errors, short circuits, water and many other major damages to your IT hardware.

Insurance of investment objects
services and tools for fleets and vehicles

A selection of our services and tools for fleets and vehicles

We offer our fleet management customers a range of services that make vehicle maintenance and management easier. These include full service offers with maintenance, repairs, insurance and co.; automated contract conversion if something changes in your fleet; or simplified vehicle return with collection, appraisal and fair vehicle valuation (Association of brand-independent fleet management companies).

Our tools keep fleet managers always up to date. Among other things, we offer FIT (Fleet Information Tool), an early warning system that collects data on your vehicle fleet and evaluates it for you. The Fleet Vision Configurator supports you in configuring your fleet and procuring the vehicles and the salary conversion calculator helps you calculate the tax advantage of a company car.

Asset management and end-of-life services for your IT hardware

During the lifetime of your leased IT hardware, you need control at all times and, at the end, the certainty that your data will be securely deleted and that your equipment will be professionally disposed of or remarketed.

Asset management and end-of-life services for your IT hardware

With our IT asset management, you always have an overview of your IT hardware: how many devices your inventory contains, what the leasing rates are and when the smartphones, desktop PCs or laptops need to be replaced. You also have access to constantly updated data for controlling and purchasing, or an overview of which cost centre is charged with the leasing rate. More about IT asset management.

Once your hardware has reached the end of its life cycle, our End-of-life services ensure that it is collected, certified, secure data erasure is carried out and the equipment is disposed of or recycled in an environmentally friendly manner. 

Deutsche Leasing's insurance and services offer you these advantages:

  • You're covered: With our insurance policies for your machinery in construction, agriculture and production, as well as your IT hardware, you can always work worry-free.
  • You enjoy the full service: Maintenance, repairs, insurance or GEZ registration - our full service for fleets makes your work easier.
  • You always know what's going on: Our online tools keep you informed about the condition of your vehicle fleet at all times and everywhere.
  • You are in complete control: With our IT asset management you are always well informed about your smartphones, PCs and laptops.
  • You are taken care of all round: with our end-of-life services we take care of data deletion, disposal or remarketing of your IT systems.