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Solutions for electric mobility: We’ll power up your fleet

Electric mobility is picking up more and more speed. With Deutsche Leasing, you can rely on a competent partner to support you in the conversion to an alternative drive.
Consulting, full-service leasing, subsidies, charging infrastructure: our 360° e-mobility strategy covers all aspects of your modern fleet management. Start your green future now.

Our 360° e-mobility package – four efficient answers for your fleet solution

We think of mobility holistically. This is why we have developed a 360° e-mobility strategy that combines our experience and competence in full-service leasing with the special requirements of a green fleet.

Consulting: Personal and transparent +

Prior to the changeover, during the contract period, if you need more vehicles: With our individual advice on all aspects of e-mobility, we help you optimise your fleet in an environmentally friendly way. We carry out a comprehensive fleet analysis, determine requirements and advise you on the basis of a full-cost analysis, independent of manufacturer, regarding the right choice of vehicle.

Full-service leasing: Individual mobility+

Deutsche Leasing stands for service made to measure. You can also enjoy full-service leasing for electric and hybrid vehicles, which we adapt individually to your requirements. From maintenance to claim management, from battery to tyres, your leased electric vehicle is always ready for use thanks to our selectable service modules. Enjoy full flexibility even on the road – with our Fuelling and Charging ServiceCard for cashless electricity purchases. And the best thing about our full-service leasing offering: Deutsche Leasing assumes the residual value risk for you so that you can always be on the move without worries.

Subsidies: Benefit from the changeover+

Rarely has the timing been more appropriate for companies to switch to an e-fleet. In addition to attractive tax benefits, environmental bonuses, e-premiums and subsidies for the charging infrastructure are creating ever greater incentives to switch to electric drives. Deutsche Leasing advises you on all relevant sources of funding and. Switch to an alternative drive system now – we will support you in making the most of the financial benefits.

Charging infrastructure: E-mobility from a single source+

In the context of our 360° e-mobility strategy, we design your mobility in a holistic way and support you in setting up a suitable charging infrastructure. Together with Deutsche Anlagen-Leasing (a subsidiary of Deutsche Leasing), we will implement your project according to your requirements. Here too, the focus is on competent advice, a comprehensive requirement analysis and a full-service approach.

Electric mobility with Deutsche Leasing – your benefits

While electric cars were still a cost-intensive decision just a few years ago, the advantages of alternative drive systems continue to increase. Every e-vehicle in your fleet reduces your ecological footprint and strengthens your environmentally conscious and innovative image.

Thanks to a large number of subsidy options, an increasing variety of models and various technical, legal and financial advantages, electric mobility is providing ever clearer arguments for the changeover. Become e-mobile now.

With Deutsche Leasing as your green fleet partner, your changeover will go smoothly. We offer you:
  • Advice and support for electric mobility from trained specialists
  • Procurement of e-vehicles and plug-in hybrids of all brands
  • Assumption of the residual value risk
  • Consulting to all three government subsidies for electric vehicles from BAFA, BMU and BMVI (Hamburg)
  • Individual charging solutions

Hybrid or electric – drive solutions made to measure

Deutsche Leasing is manufacturer-independent and is able to provide you with all the drive solutions currently on the market. You have the choice between plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles – lease your dream models in all vehicle classes.

The drive changeover is also the perfect opportunity for a requirement analysis of your fleet. With our support, you can quickly find out in which context electric cars or plug-in hybrids are profitable.

In addition, we help you to seamlessly integrate your environmentally friendly vehicles into the fleet with state-of-the-art tools for fleet managers.


Government subsidies and tax benefits for e-vehicles

Deutsche Leasing gives you all-round support in all the details of government subsidies for e-mobility. The federal and state governments provide attractive subsidies and grant companies tax benefits for e-vehicle fleets in order to broadly establish electric mobility on the market.
We will advise you on all the funding options and benefits. In this way, you can take full advantage of the financial incentives for switching to electric cars.

  • BAFA (Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control) environmental bonus of up to €9,000 (*for a purely battery-powered electric vehicle with a net list price below €40,000)
  • Cumulative Consulting 
  • Additional Government Funding 
  • Regional funding
Tax benefits
  • Exemption from motor vehicle tax
  • Lower tax on the non-cash benefit for company cars with alternative drives
  • Beneficial trade tax addition of leasing expenses for purely electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids
  • Tax exemption for charging at the employer’s premises and a company charging device temporarily made available for private use
  • Wage tax consolidation of 25 percent with corresponding additional employer contributions
  • Possible tax-free flat-rate payments for charging the company car at the employee’s home

Charging infrastructure for companies and employees

We offer you vehicles with full-service leasing, advice and support with the subsidies, and charging infrastructure at your premises – because electric vehicles with even the longest range have to be charged sooner or later. Companies therefore often ask themselves which charging solutions are the best fit for them. Not only does charging on the road play a decisive role, but so too does the establishment of a suitable charging infrastructure on the company premises or at the employee’s home.

Alongside our specialised partner Deutsche Anlagen-Leasing, we offer you a comprehensive solution from a single source:

  • Individual advice from competent partners on site
  • Requirements analysis for individual charging solutions
  • Installation according to your wishes at the company site or the employee’s home
  • Additional modules such as load profile analysis and charging infrastructure planning in cooperation with the Fraunhofer IAO
  • Customer-specific forms of financing: Leasing or hire purchase – our subsidiary Deutsche Anlagen-Leasing will advise you according to your requirements

Become e-mobile with us

Whether it’s vehicle selection, suitable service modules, available subsidies or individual charging solutions: The first step on the way to a green fleet is always accompanied by comprehensive consultation. Mobility is a holistic development task in which we support you at your own pace. We help you to answer important questions about your fleet:

  • How can we optimise the fleet in an environmentally friendly way?
  • Which drive types, models and infrastructures would pay off for our company?
  • How can we integrate e-mobility seamlessly into the vehicle fleet?
  • Which service modules are important?
  • Which tasks in fleet management will change?


Your route to electric mobility – consulting from Deutsche Leasing

Benefit from our many years of experience in leasing vehicles to gradually convert your fleet to electric mobility. Let us advise you on your individual needs and the appropriate options for the changeover.


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