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  • In all matters relating to accidental damage, repair approvals, vehicle returns or contractual matters.
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Return of a leased vehicle: Fair and transparent to the end

With Deutsche Leasing as your fleet partner, you know what to expect when you return a leased vehicle right from the start of the contract. We are a member of the Association of Brand-Independent Fleet Management Companies (VMF) and valuate all vehicles fairly and transparently according to VMF guidelines when they are returned.
Independent experts, a comprehensible settlement and a painless return process guarantee you a contract end without surprises. In partnership, fair and transparent – that is our self-image as your mobility service provider.

Of course, we will advise you on the return process even before the contract is signed and will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding repairs or damage. With our full-service leasing offering and individual service modules, you are able to optimise your fleet in a more cost-predictable way.

Fair vehicle valuation – leasing return at Deutsche Leasing

Simple, efficient, comprehensible: When you return your vehicle at the end of the contract term, you benefit from maximum transparency and a certified vehicle valuation. “The fair vehicle valuation VMF®” allows you to check all criteria concerning damages or defects right at the beginning of the contract. This means you enjoy a high level of security without unpredictable costs. Transparency and fairness determine every aspect of the return of your leased vehicle:

  • Option for nation-wide collection of the vehicle by our logistics partner
  • Certified and transparent valuation criteria
  • DEKRA-certified vehicle valuation by independent vehicle experts
  • Complete documentation of all damage in a return report
  • Option to inspect the TÜV-certified return process
  • Maximum transparency in settlement

Maximum transparency without surprise costs

The VMF guidelines for vehicle valuation classify damage that has arisen over the course of the term into three categories. Damage resulting from normal use of the fleet vehicle will naturally be free of charge at Deutsche Leasing.
Signs of wear that exceed normal wear and tear during the period of use are calculated using the reduced value method. Using the reduced value as a basis for calculation offers leasing customers considerable savings potential compared to calculation of the repair value. As a matter of principle, our experts check the possibility of repair before replacing parts and give preference to the most cost-effective method.
Only safety-relevant defects, damage that has not been professionally repaired or maintenance/inspections that have not been carried out must be charged in full. Our maintenance and repair service modules along with our claim management module make it easy for you to protect yourself against this.


AutoExpo competence centre

The AutoExpo competence centre mainly remarkets leasing returns from Deutsche Leasing and also supports you in selling your leased vehicles in the context of certain contract options.

Founded in 1989
68,000 m² showroom floor space for 2,800 relatively new used cars
Sale of around 12,000 vehicles per year to vehicle dealers and private individuals
50 employees, 30 service providers and experts 

Return of a leased vehicle – how will it be invoiced at contract’s end?

No uncertainties, no open questions, no surprises: this is the Deutsche Leasing return process. As with the entire management of your vehicle fleet, we also arrange the return at the end of the contract term as conveniently and efficiently as possible for you:

  1. Arrangement of a collection date for your vehicle at the end of the contract term
  2. Joint vehicle inspection by customers and Deutsche Leasing representatives
  3. Documentation of any damage in a return report
  4. Transport of the vehicle to AutoExpo
  5. Preparation of a detailed report by independent experts
  6. Breakdown of all damage into the three categories according to the VMF standard
  7. Preparation of the final invoice with indication of any value reductions

If you have any questions or comments on returns or expert reports, your Deutsche Leasing customer consultant will be happy to assist you at any time.

Your route to comprehensive service – consulting by Deutsche Leasing

Are you looking for initial information about fleet leasing? Do you have questions about leasing instalments or specific ideas regarding your fleet? Our consultants are ready to assist you and will be happy to develop an individual leasing and fleet management concept for you.


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