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Fuel management: With us, refuel and charge comfortably

Fuels are one of the biggest expense factors of a fleet – and present fleet managers with numerous challenges. Even in everyday driving, refuelling or charging fleet vehicles is a task with many question marks: Where do I refuel and charge at the best price? How can I save fuel? How do I manage all the individual invoices?
With our fuel management service, you can reduce the administrative effort involved in refuelling and charging. Within the scope of our full-service leasing offering, we give you full cost control of the fuel for your fleet. Cashless, efficient and smart.

Our services at a glance

Fuel management with Deutsche Leasing enables smooth refuelling and charging stops for all fleet vehicles while optimising costs and increasing efficiency for your fleet:

  • Cashless refuelling at over 8,000 stations nationwide in the Shell (euroShell) and Aral (ROUTEX) network
  • Cashless charging for e-vehicles with the Fuelling and Charging ServiceCard at over 60,000 charging stations in Germany
  • Individually selectable service levels and a wide range of products/services (e.g. business car wash)
  • Full cost transparency and cost security with the business price (consistent daily fixed price)
  • Option of individual conditions depending on purchase quantity
  • Simple settlement of all charging and refuelling operations – summarised in one invoice at the end of the month
  • Analysis and reporting of the fleet consumption and refuelling pattern to optimise your fuel costs
  • Individual additional ServiceCard services, e.g. wear-and-tear repairs, maintenance and inspections at authorised workshops

As part of our full-service leasing offering, the fuel management module is an optional component of your monthly leasing instalment. With this, you benefit from excellent service and cost security at the same time.

Fuel management is a perfect instrument to manage your fleet. The recording of kilometre reading data allows outlying values to be identified at an early stage, helping you avoid unnecessary additional costs. Benefit from our specific contract modification offers – in line with your individual needs.


How fleet managers benefit

Our fuel management service reduces administrative effort and clearly tracks the efficiency of your fleet. It helps to identify cost outliers and reveals potentials for cost-saving driving behaviour for your employees.

The transparent cost and consumption breakdown also provides a reliable decision-making aid for future fleet composition. From the information available, we derive factors for the optimal fleet size, the vehicle selection for your fleet and the savings potential of a green fleet.

Kraftstoffmanagement_Teaser_06_600 x 320.jpg

Fuel management for electric mobility – everything with one card

E-vehicles are rapidly gaining in importance. The Fuelling and Charging ServiceCard for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids makes charging your fleet as easy as refuelling:

  • Filling up and charging with just one card – particularly attractive for drivers of hybrid vehicles
  • Cashless charging in the constantly growing public network of partner charging stations, combined with the proven advantages of a fuel card
  • Ability to charge at the workplace and settlement via the Fuelling and Charging ServiceCard
  • Ability to charge at the employee’s home and settlement via the Fuelling and Charging ServiceCard
  • Transparent overview of all refuelling and charging processes summarised in one invoice

How drivers benefit

Cashless filling and charging saves you time and administrative effort. We cooperate with fuel suppliers who have a comprehensive network of filling and charging stations. This means that the next tank filling or the next charge is never far away.
Furthermore, you do not have to worry about accurate settlement. Depending on the agreement, your ServiceCard is activated for the purchase of additional services or items.
With our services for drivers, we offer a high degree of flexibility and enable mobile employees to take quick and confident action, and we design clear, comprehensible processes that make every trip more comfortable and efficient.

Your route to comprehensive service – consulting by Deutsche Leasing

Are you looking for initial information about fleet leasing? Do you have questions about leasing instalments or specific ideas regarding your fleet? Our consultants are ready to assist you and will be happy to develop an individual leasing and fleet management concept for you.


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