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Maintenance and Repair

Maintenance and repair module – our services

The larger the vehicle fleet, the higher the expenditure for maintenance, inspection and repairs. Our modular full-service leasing means maintenance and technical service with predictable cost.
Deutsche Leasing offers you a comprehensive service package for maintenance and repair that you can add to your vehicle leasing – thus reducing unforeseen additional costs and minimising administrative effort. This keeps your fleet mobile and state-of-the-art at all times.

Maintenance and repair module – our services

Our modular full-service leasing offering for maintenance and repair covers everything related to vehicle service. The module comprises:

  • Maintenance and service at certified partner workshops
  • Regular inspection of the vehicles 
  • Professional wear-related repair services
  • Objective examination by qualified technical and service specialists
  • Technical and emissions inspections
  • Enforcement of your warranty and goodwill claims

Deutsche Leasing as a reliable service partner – your benefits

Inspections and other necessary stops at the workshop are often a line item for your fleet that is difficult to calculate. Unforeseen wear-and-tear repairs in particular put a strain on the budget and cause a great deal of effort for fleet managers in the enforcement of warranty and goodwill claims.

Our service contract for vehicle leasing including maintenance and repair helps to reduce unpredictable costs during the entire contract period and simplifies fleet management.

Deutsche Leasing is your reliable and transparent partner in all aspects of leased vehicle maintenance:

  • Cashless settlement for all included services with our partners
  • Planning security through fixed monthly instalments
  • Tested service quality
  • Invoice verification by experienced car specialists
  • Time and cost savings in fleet management
  • 24-hour service hotline
  • Maintenance and technical service for all drive types

Planning Reliability

As part of your full-service leasing contract, you benefit from fixed monthly instalments. We simply include a fixed flat rate for service in your monthly leasing instalment. This means that even unforeseen wear repairs are no longer a problem.

Cashless processing using the ServiceCard

With the Deutsche Leasing ServiceCard, your drivers arrange and pay for any desired maintenance and repairs in one of our partner workshops. Our experienced vehicle specialists handle all the administrative tasks for you, from online approval of the service to invoice verification. This saves you time and money and provides you with a comprehensive overview of the maintenance work being carried out on your fleet.

Deutsche Leasing Service Card

Tested service quality

Deutsche Leasing boasts a nationwide network of over 3,600 partner workshops. Each workshop is authorised by the manufacturers and meets the highest standards of service quality. Speed, reliability and professional competence are just as important to us as proximity to our leasing customers.

Always in action for you

Damage often doesn’t stick to business hours. That is why we are there for your drivers and fleet vehicles 24 hours a day. You can reach us via our Europe-wide 24-hour service hotline – and by click-to-call. In addition, you can rely on the fast response of our service partners. In our full-service leasing offering you will also find well-thought-out solutions for interim mobility. This way we keep you mobile at all times.


Service for electric mobility

Whether combustion engine, hybrid or electric: Deutsche Leasing offers maintenance and repair for all drive types. With our 360° e-mobility strategy, you can confidently head for a green fleet and benefit from our comprehensive full-service promise.

Your route to comprehensive service – consulting by Deutsche Leasing

Are you looking for initial information about fleet leasing? Do you have questions about leasing instalments or specific ideas regarding your fleet? Our consultants are ready to assist you and will be happy to develop an individual leasing and fleet management concept for you.


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