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Deutsche Leasing Mobility Online: Plan and configure your vehicle fleet

With the Deutsche Leasing Mobility Online quotation and configuration tool, you can design your future vehicle fleet quickly, effectively and with all the relevant information, digitally and in a very simple way.
The online configurator supports fleet managers and drivers in the procurement of company cars in accordance with the company’s car policy. From model selection and configuration to market comparisons and order approval, Mobility Online always provides you with an overview of all the important processes for your fleet.

What does Deutsche Leasing Mobility Online offer?

The larger your vehicle fleet and the greater the number of employees who are entitled to a vehicle, the more important efficient fleet management becomes. Mobility Online is more than just a vehicle configurator. It supports your digital procurement management from A to Z:

  • Process-optimised quotation preparation
  • All procurement steps, from model selection to order approval by the fleet manager, in one tool
  • Configuration of vehicle types and equipment according to the given budget
  • Quotation comparisons including a detailed total cost analysis
  • Cost savings through market data and transparent leasing instalments
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Location-independent access for all registered users

This makes Mobility Online an indispensable and efficient control centre for fleet planning. Fleet managers enjoy the certainty that all individual procurement processes can be centrally recorded and controlled. Drivers gain confidence in their choice of company car without compromise.

Zu Deutsche Leasing Mobility Online

Planen, konfigurieren und beschaffen Sie Ihre Fahrzeugflotte

Mobility Online – register now

The Mobility Online procurement tool can be accessed via a customer ID and customer password. Employees can obtain these from their fleet manager.


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