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Motivational leasing – Deutsche Leasing Mobility Business Segment

Your employees are one of the most important contributors to your business success. So there are good reasons to offer incentives to create more satisfaction. A company car instead of a salary increase makes your employees mobile, saves taxes and motivates them anew every day.
The legislator calls leasing as part of gross salary deferred compensation – we call it motivational leasing! Our many years of expertise in the full-service leasing of commercial fleets support fleet managers and personnel managers in conceiving transparent and fair remuneration alternatives that pay off for every employee.

Company car leasing as an attractive incentive for your employees

Both employee and employer benefit from a company car as deferred compensation. Whether you are looking for new specialists and executives or want to increase the motivation and loyalty of your existing employees, a company car can be a decisive incentive.
Compared to the private financing of a car, a leased company car often allows for tax benefits. Companies also reduce their tax burden and become more attractive employers.
Satisfied employees and lower personnel costs: our motivational leasing bears its name well.


Benefits for employees

  • Opportunity for a company car for all employee groups
  • No financing of a private vehicle necessary
  • Lower wage tax withholding than with a salary increase
  • Private and professional mobility, always with state-of-the-art technology
  • Predictable and reliable costs thanks to the full-service leasing offering from Deutsche Leasing

Benefits for companies

  • Motivation boost without high additional personnel costs
  • Increased employee loyalty
  • Positive image and convincing arguments in employer marketing
  • Reduced staff turnover and non-wage labour costs
  • All the tax benefits of commercial leasing
  • Full-service fleet management by Deutsche Leasing 

Calculate your financial benefit – our company car calculator

Before deciding on a company car instead of a salary increase, a precise calculation should be made. The vehicle costs are compared to the respective net wages, tax situation, insurance and ratio of private to business journeys. For employees, the question of taxation of the company car as a non-cash benefit is particularly important.
We make this calculation easier for you. Enter the data on the desired company car and the respective employee into our online company car calculator and you will get an initial overview of the savings options.

What is the composition of the deferred compensation?+

Deferred compensation in the case of company car leasing is based on the monthly leasing instalment and taxation of the non-cash benefit. The tax impact of the non-cash benefit is based on the list price of the vehicle, the distance in kilometres between home and place of work and the difference between a combustion engine and alternative drives.

What employees should be aware of+

The main basis for comparison is the cost of a private car compared to a company car. The daily commute is a decisive variable for the non-cash benefit.

Example calculation


In general, the higher the tax burden and the shorter the distance to work, the greater the potential savings.
Additional benefits can be generated by selecting a plug-in hybrid or an e-vehicle. Here, the taxation of the gross list price is reduced from 1 to 0.5 percent – in the best case even to 0.25 percent. These tax benefits also apply to the distance kilometres.

Company car as deferred compensation – Deutsche Leasing ensures greater motivation

We make your employees mobile and support you with attractive leasing offerings and comprehensive advice on company cars as deferred compensation.
We are always at your side, even in everyday driving situations. With our ServiceCard, your drivers can use our modular services for refuelling, tyre changes and maintenance, all cash-free. This way, you optimise your fleet management and give employees the secure feeling of being in the best hands in your company.

Your route to comprehensive service – consulting by Deutsche Leasing

Are you looking for initial information about fleet leasing? Do you have questions about leasing instalments or specific ideas regarding your fleet? Our consultants are ready to assist you and will be happy to develop an individual leasing and fleet management concept for you.


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