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Owner liability: Play it safe

Owner liability represents a considerable risk for those responsible for the vehicle fleet. We help you to reduce this risk. With our Mobility DriverCheck service module, we support you with digital processes for driving licence validation, driver safety instruction and accident prevention regulations. For less effort, comprehensive transparency and an all-round good feeling.

Fleet owner liability: A key topic

An employee car accident or damage to a leased vehicle can have serious consequences for fleet managers or managing directors – if they have neglected the issue of owner liability. According to section 3 of the Occupational Safety and Health Act, every employer is obliged to take all necessary measures to ensure the safety and health of employees at work.
That means that as a vehicle owner, the employer is also obliged to provide employees with adequate instruction in the use of company vehicles such as leased vehicles and to take appropriate measures to prevent accidents.

We support you in meeting the complex rules and regulations in the area of owner liability for motor vehicles. To do so, we offer you concrete solutions for these three central areas with our Mobility DriverCheck service module:
Driving licence validation 
Driver safety instruction 
UVV monitoring – compliance with accident prevention regulations (UVV) 

Overview of the Mobility DriverCheck service module

With our Mobility DriverCheck module you benefit from the following services in the area of owner liability:

Electronic driving licence validation+

Save time and effort with digital driver’s licence validation via app. The user receives an automated request and reminder for validation, and the fleet manager maintains a complete overview of the status of each individual driver via the Mobility DriverCheck dashboard. Electronic driving licence validation, digital documentation, maximum control – keep everything in view with Mobility DriverCheck, without any additional effort.

Driver instruction via e-learning portal+

Put an end to time-consuming training for annual driver instruction. With an e-learning portal you don’t take up time, space or other valuable resources. The test is documented for each person and stored in the fleet manager’s Mobility DriverCheck dashboard.

Accident prevention regulation management+

We also support you with annual vehicle inspections for operational safety. The driver receives an automated request via e-mail. Immediately afterwards they can arrange an individual appointment with the responsible expert. The inspection takes place at the driver’s desired location, whether in the company parking lot or in front of their own home – anywhere in Germany. The inspection is documented in a uniform and transparent manner in the Mobility DriverCheck dashboard and can therefore be reviewed by fleet managers or other responsible parties at any time.

Our all-round stress-free Mobility DriverCheck package – your benefits

Our Mobility DriverCheck service module ensures that you always feel carefree, even concerning the serious issue of owner liability:
  • Benefit from intuitive operation, high security and full transparency.
  • Errors are prevented by automated control processes.
  • The uniform documentation of individual processes in a dashboard ensures a complete overview at all times.
  • Save time and effort through digital processes.
  • Thanks to electronic requests for individual inspections, no owner liability is forgotten.

Above all, our offering for owner liability lessens the load for fleet managers through digital processes, saves time and money and prevents liability risks in the event of an accident.

Your route to comprehensive service – consulting by Deutsche Leasing

Are you looking for initial information about fleet leasing? Do you have questions about leasing instalments or specific ideas regarding your fleet? Our consultants are ready to assist you and will be happy to develop an individual leasing and fleet management concept for you.


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