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  • If you have any questions regarding a financing offer or advice, please contact us via our contact form.
  • In all matters relating to accidental damage, repair approvals, vehicle returns or contractual matters.
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  • Vehicle: +49 6172-88-2488
  • Contract: +49 6172-88-2499
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Online services – digital solutions for efficient fleet management

Put an end to comparing lists or checking paper receipts. With our online services you simplify processes, increase efficiency and maintain an overview of all the important fleet data at all times. Count on smart digitalisation for more cost efficiency and smooth processes in fleet management.

Digital fleet management: The advantages

Fleet managers are faced with many complex tasks every day. With our digital services, you can consolidate business processes on one platform, keep an overview of all fleet costs and data and quickly and easily identify optimisation potential. The smart way to reduce effort and costs in fleet management.

Our digital services at a glance

The following online services offer both fleet managers and drivers a digital overview:


Online configurator (Deutsche Leasing Mobility Online)

With our e-business solution for full-service leasing and fleet management, you can keep track of everything from the quotation to the expiration of the contract. Whether contracts, orders or quotes, everything is in one place, without any paper filing.

Fleet reporting (FIT: Fleet Information Tool)

The web-based reporting software FIT makes it easy for you to keep track of relevant costs. It also provides quick access to key elements such as the master and movement data of your vehicle fleet. Find cost outliers and expiring contracts quickly and easily and identify places you can optimise your fleet digitally.

Kraftstoffmanagement_Teaser_04_600 x 320.jpg

Deutsche Leasing mobility app

The Deutsche Leasing mobility app combines a range of digital services in one program free of charge: service hotline, emergency assistant, damage report, service partner search, electronic driving licence validation (service contract required), checklist for returning a vehicle and the storage of your own profile data for quick access. A valuable aid for drivers and fleet management alike. The app is available for download from the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store, so you can stay mobile while on the road.

Your route to comprehensive service – consulting from Deutsche Leasing

Experience now how you can manage your fleet more efficiently with digital services from Deutsche Leasing.


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