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Welcome to Deutsche Leasing do Brasil

Deutsche Sparkassen Leasing do Brasil Banco Múltiplo S.A ("Banco Deutsche Leasing") is a multiple bank with active Investment and Leasing portfolios.

Founded in 2015, Deutsche Leasing offers partner manufacturers, their respective local customers, and German and European subsidiary companies the necessary support for contracting credit and leasing transactions of equipment (production goods) in order to support long-term investments in Brazil, known for solidity, knowledge, and expertise within its market.

 Banco Deutsche Leasing is owned by Deutsche Sparkassen Leasing AG & Co. KG ("Deutsche Leasing"), linked to the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe Group ("Sparkassen Group"). Headquartered in Bad Homburg, Germany, it is a financial services provider focused on production goods.

Deutsche Leasing is among the largest specialized companies in Europe offering financial solutions, leasing, and services related to assets or capital goods, whether stationary or movables. The group offers financing services, leasing, debt management and factoring focused on small and medium and large companies. The institution operates in the German, European, Asian, and American markets, present physically in 24 different nationalities (operating in 27 countries), supported by more than 2,700 employees.

As a member of the Sparkassen Group (Aa2 Moody's, A+ Fitch, A High DBRS ratings), Deutsche Leasing is a strong, market-leading conglomerate company. The Sparkassen Group consists of 530 institutions, 17,530 branches and/or subsidiaries and turnover in excess of 2.8 trillion Euros. There are 384 municipal retail savings banks (German Savings Banks), five wholesale banks (Landesbanken), eight loan companies (Building Societies LBS), one investment manager (DekaBank), 1 group specializing in financing and leasing capital goods and assets (Deutsche Leasing), 11 regional insurance companies and several other specific service institutions.

With approximately 302,000 employees, the group provides services to small and medium and large companies, benefiting from synergies between its institutions, customer base, and points of sale. Its market share in the German financial system is quite significant: 42% wholesale loans, 38% retail loans, 37% mortgages, and 36% deposits.

This global strength, combined with local knowledge and personalized service from our experienced professionals, provides our customers with the confidence and financial support they need to grow their business and succeed.

Facts and Figures

Incorporated:   2015
Location:           São Paulo

Learn more about Deutsche Leasing Brasil

Deutsche Leasing do Brasil+

The Deutsche Leasing do Brasil Team, through its global market knowledge and expertise, supports manufacturers and their customers, as well as corporate investors in Brazil. Whatever your needs: whether it is a customized sales financing program in order to expand your business activities; or whether in investing in equipment to develop your business, Deutsche Leasing do Brasil will provide you with consultancy and/or flexible financing solutions. We have experts in a range of segments of the industry to provide you with tailor-made financial products and services.

Business environment in Brazil

German companies play a crucial role in the Brazilian economy, whether as a product seller or as an investor. In a global economy, there are a number of challenges in conducting business in the foreign market.  Legal, tax, and accounting challenges, as well as linguistic and cultural differences that can have a big impact on the success of the business. Deutsche Leasing is a reliable partner who will help you overcome these challenges; leaving you to focus today on the activities, you have mastered, in order to ensure tomorrow's success.

Deutsche Leasing is mainly engaged in equipment financing solutions in the following industries:

  • Packaging
  • Civil Construction
  • Yellow Line (Linha Amarela)
  • Industrial
  • Health and Medical Equipment
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Agricultural and Forestry equipment
  • Other industries high-quality equipment

Range of Products and Services+


  • Financial Leasing
  • Brazilian Bank Credit Note (CCB)
  • Cross Border Loan
  • Cross Border Leasing
  • Moderfrota - Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES)

Services for Vendor Partners

If equipment manufacturers are aiming to increase their sales, Deutsche Leasing offers customized financial solutions. We work hard to establish and maintain a relationship with our partners and their respective customers in order to provide them with a range of benefits such as:

  • High level of knowledge in equipment and industries
  • Flexible partnership structures
  • Competitive pricing
  • Tailor-made financial products
  • Fast, High-Quality Service
  • Close relationship with customer and partners Alternative capital goods financing facility in order to preserve their credit facilities in other banks

German Investor Services

If German companies intend to invest in Brazil, Deutsche Leasing's German Desk will support these businesses by establishing:

  • Extensive experience in your business sector
  • High level of asset knowledge
  • Advice and services in Portuguese, English, and German
  • Extensive network of relationship and experience within the Brazilian business community


Locadora DL do Brasil Ltda.
Deutsche Sparkassen Leasing do Brasil Banco Múltiplo S.A.

Rua Leopoldo Couto de Magalhães Júnior, 110 – 5º andar  - Itaim Bibi
Zip Code: 04542-000 - São Paulo - SP

Phone: +55 11 4949-5110 
Fax:     +55 11 4949 5101

Please contact us with any questions or to set up an appointment. Our team will be pleased to assist you in Portuguese, English and German.

Matheus Gera
Managing Director
Phone: +55 11 4949 5111 
Mobile: +55 11 9935 6538

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