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Deutsche Leasing supports German companies in the USA

Made in Germany: financing solutions for German companies in the US

It is and will always be the land of unlimited possibilities: with around one quarter of all direct investments, the US is the most important target country for German companies and has also been the largest consumer of German exports for years now. Products and technologies 'Made in Germany' enjoy an outstanding reputation, and German companies in the US can improve their access to this market with their own local branches. Direct investment in the US is particularly attractive for energy-intensive sectors such as machine construction and the automotive industry, thanks to comparably low energy prices, business-friendly reforms and a stable domestic market.

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Invest in the USA? Find the optimal financing solution? Our USA and North America experts will give you a perfect overview.

November 16 - 25, 2020, possible from 2 p.m. CET
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How we support German companies in the US

Deutsche Leasing supports German companies in the US with tailored, innovative financing solutions and a variety of unique services:

  • We help you establish a credit history, without which you won’t have access to the US capital market or loans from US banks.
  • We take over the pre-financing of your direct investment depending on the status of the project.
  • Among other things, we offer you off-balance operate leases in accordance with US law and German HGB in the consolidated balance sheet. We also offer loans and finance leases.
  • We involve German suppliers, for example, with remarketing agreements.
  • We provide you with financing solutions tailored to your company’s current requirements.
  • We use a variety of financial products available through the Sparkassen Finance Group.

German companies in the US: ‘A cup of coffee with Ludo Fact’

There are many financial, legal and cultural aspects to be considered by German companies investing directly in the US. One of the biggest challenges is establishing a local credit history. Horst Walz, Managing Director of Ludo Fact, explains in the video ‘A cup of coffee with Ludo Fact’ how he has mastered the challenges of establishing his own production facility in the US.

Ludo Fact GmbH brings fun to the world

As one of the largest publisher-independent manufacturers of board games in Germany, Ludo Fact GmbH has been bringing fun to the world for more than 25 years. Based in Jettingen-Scheppach, a town in the Swabian region of Bavaria, the company manufactures up to 17 million boardgames, playing cards and puzzles annually for 200 national and international game publishers and customers. Ludo Fact is the contact for production, manufacture, packaging and dispatch. The company has its own branch in the US market: gamers throughout the US purchase the ‘CATAN’ and other games from Ludo Fact USA LLC in Lafayette, Indiana.

When it comes to direct investment in the US, the market situation is key

With the customer base becoming more international and rising demand from abroad, strategic adjustments are increasingly necessary for many medium-sized companies. As Europe’s leading publisher-independent manufacturer of board games, Ludo Fact has traditionally had a strong international perspective. Managing Director Horst Walz realised he could better serve his customers in the growing US market with a local branch. In 2016, he made the decision to invest directly in the US and launched an own production facility there, initially as a joint venture with a local partner. Ludo Fact later acquired the rest of the company to assume full control. The company thus shares the experience of many medium-sized companies: international customers not only appreciate fast delivery and local services, but also local contacts that are available during local business hours. The rule is: If you want to play a key role abroad, you have to be present there.

Many financial, legal and cultural aspects need to be considered when investing directly in the USA

Credit history: a challenge for all German companies in the US

Companies often finance their international subsidiaries through ‘inter-company’ loans, with the parent company providing the necessary capital. However, many also want to finance themselves via the local capital market. Benefits include greater financial independence for the subsidiary, reduced exchange rate risks, diversification of the financing sources and an increase in the available credit lines within the group. However, US banks consider the local subsidiaries of German medium-sized companies as start-ups without a credit history and do not provide capital.

Ludo Fact faced this challenge like many other German medium-sized companies in the US. Ludo Fact GmbH overcame it with the assistance of Deutsche Leasing, which helped the company to establish a credit history with tailored, pragmatic solutions. The parent company and Savings Banks Group provide support to secure financing that fulfils the US market’s standard conditions. In this way, a credit history is gradually established in the US, ultimately demonstrating the company’s creditworthiness to US banks. The interest expense for this financing solution is also tax-deductible.

Build your credit history with DL USA 

Why German companies in the US choose us

In addition to establishing the all-important credit history, we can offer you services for direct investment in the US with key benefits over the financing provided by a local bank. The personal assistance begins in Germany and extends into the target country, where our German-speaking experts work for you. We see ourselves as partners to our customers and draw on the expertise, trust and continuity we already offer as part of the Savings Banks Finance Group. These aspects have also played a key role in the cooperation with game manufacturer Ludo Fact. We were recommended by the company’s principal bank, Sparkasse Günzburg-Krumbach, and convinced Managing Directors Horst and Fabian Walz with our mix of industry and consultancy expertise, our focus on pragmatic solutions, and our insider knowledge of the US market. As an active member of the Deutsch-Amerikanischer Business Roundtable (DABRT), Deutsche Leasing provides companies with practical knowledge and know-how through events offered in collaboration with other members. The DABRT group comprises experts from the US who assist companies of all sizes based in German-speaking regions with their business activities in the US market and provide them with consultancy services. You can meet our US experts in person here, too. Simply get in touch with us if you’re interested.

Two countries, one related market: German companies in Canada and the US

The services Deutsche Leasing offers for the US are also available to German companies that are looking to operate in Canada or are already active there. Our German and English-speaking experts have access to networks in the Canadian market as well as experience in many of the country’s key industries. Local financing in the local currency, the Canadian dollar, is possible, whilst a credit history similar to that in the US can also be established in Canada. Canada is an interesting market for German medium-sized companies. At 5 per cent, growth in export from Germany to Canada has been relatively high of late, with vehicles, car parts and machines accounting for nearly half of the total export volume. Canada and the US – along with Mexico – are highly intertwined through free trade agreements such as the USMCA, which is the successor to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

The German Desk: the point of contact for German companies in the US and Canada

Do you have plans to operate in the US? Would you like to invest directly and open a location there? Would you like to tap into this huge domestic market and secure a new sales market? Or are you already active there and need financing for existing operations? Regardless of your situation, we are there for you and help you with your investment and growth plans – with solutions for direct investment and sales financing. Our German Desk managers in the US are experts in your sectors, at home in the target countries and happy to advise you in German. Our German Desk Weeks will provide you with the opportunity to meet our US experts in person here in Germany or virtually. You can find the next dates and further information on the German Desk Weeks page. Register now!

German Desk is a contact point for German companies in the USA and Canada.

For German, Swiss and Austrian companies at home around the world: Deutsche Leasing worldwide

Deutsche Leasing supports medium-sized companies based in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with their international activities. In addition to the US, we are represented in 22 other countries in all the important global markets, including China, Russia and Brazil. Whether you invest directly abroad or are looking to tap into a new sales market, we offer you flexible, tailored financing solutions with direct investment and sales financing.

Virtual, personal and free of charge

Would you like to take advantage of the opportunities that are available to your company internationally? Invest in the USA and build something? Or sell your products? Use this form to let us know your desired date for an online meeting in the period from November 16 - 25 2020. Discuss innovative and customized financing solutions with our experts from the USA every day from 2 p.m. CET - specifically for your investment project.


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