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Services for Mobility-Customers
  • Are you already a customer of the Mobility business unit and have questions about your mobility? We will be happy to assist you.

Investment financing for transport and logistic

Corporate financing for medium-sized companies in transport and logistics

The change in mobility is opening up new business opportunities through modern means of transportation and alternative transport concepts as well as through privatisation of transport companies. Deutsche Leasing Group is a specialist for asset-related financing in the fields of transport and logistics. For the acquisition of buses, trucks, airplanes, ships or rail vehicles for freight or local public transport, Deutsche Leasing Group offers financing options such as investment loans, leasing or hire purchase - often with the option of including subsidies.
Leasing, hire purchase of buses and trains

Public Transport

Public transport plays an essential role in the mobility of the future. Deutsche Leasing Group supports transport companies in financing investments in this important pillar for the economy, society and the environment with precise advice and flexible solutions such as leasing, hire purchase or investment loans - including subsidies.

Corporate financing Medium-sized companies for leasing, hire purchase or investment credit for commercial vehicles

Commercial vehicles

Whether vehicles for transporting goods or passengers, Deutsche Leasing Group offers financing options ranging from leasing and hire purchase to investment loans.

Investment financing via leasing, hire purchase or investment loans for logistics centres, aviation, shipping and rail transport

Transport and logistics special solutions

Through its subsidiary DAL Deutsche Anlagen-Leasing GmbH & Co. KG (DAL), Deutsche Leasing Group offers investment financing for rail, water and air: from rail vehicles for public transport and freight traffic, to ships for commercial shipping, to aircraft (business jets). DAL's portfolio also includes logistics centres, transhipment facilities for intermodal transport and technical equipment for railway facilities.

Market leader with much experience and a large network

Deutsche Leasing Group is an expert in developing optimal financing solutions for small, large and complex investment projects.

Your advantages with financing solutions from Deutsche Leasing Group for transport and logistics

  • Financing, leasing or hire purchase for investment objects in the fields of public transport, commercial vehicles, aviation, shipping, business jets, helicopters, freight and rail transport as well as logistics centres
  • The integration of subsidies is possible for many investment objects
  • Deutsche Leasing Group is an association partner of the Savings Banks Finance Group and offers a dense national and international network

The asset portfolio of Deutsche Leasing Group in transport and logistics

Deutsche Leasing Group offers financing, leasing and hire purchase of the following assets:

  • Rail transport:
    Locomotives, traction units, wagons, trams, track-laying vehicles, transhipment facilities for intermodal transport, technical equipment for railway installations, e.g. signal boxes
  • Logistics and crane systems:
    Logistics centres, transhipment and crane facilities, technical equipment for railway facilities, other facilities
  • Shipping:
    Coasters and barges, container boxes
  • Aviation:
    Business jets, commercial aircraft, helicopters, engines
  • Commercial vehicles:
    Trucks, articulated lorries, trailers and semitrailers
  • Bus fleets:
    Buses, e-buses, e.g. low-emission or zero-emission buses powered by batteries or hydrogen