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Optimum financing for construction machinery, construction and commercial vehicles

The desire for greater performance, technical developments or stricter emission standards make investments necessary. However, cranes, excavators and other construction machinery, construction and commercial vehicles tie up a lot of capital. Deutsche Leasing offers construction companies the right financing for their investments, while they support manufacturers and dealers with sales financing and dealer purchase financing.

As a contractor, you want to rent your crane first and then buy it, or use the excavator for a while and then return it. Or you prefer to be and remain the owner of your construction machinery, construction or commercial vehicles. With Deutsche Leasing, you can choose between financing solutions that fit your current situation with machine leasing, machine hire purchase or investment loans.


The right financing solution for your needs

Construction machinery rental, trailer leasing, truck financing or crane rental - construction companies have the most diverse requirements for their financing partner. Seasonal aspects also play an important role. That is why we offer you financing with winter outstanding or seasonal installments to meet your needs.


Ursula Brucherseifer

Deutsche Leasing
Frölingstraße 15-31
61352 Bad Homburg v. d. Höhe

  • +49 6172 88-2782

Vendor financing

Make the purchase decision easier for your customers


Dealer stock financing

Financial freedom for dealers


Machine leasing, operate leasing, operating rental

  • You save your equity capital
  • You invest balance sheet neutral
  • You enjoy tax advantages
  • You use subsidies

Investment credit for machines

  • You are immediately the owner of the machine
  • You keep the machines on the balance sheet
  • You use subsidies

Machine hire purchase

  • You become the owner at the end of the term
  • You keep the machine on the balance sheet
  • You reduce the monthly load with block rates
  • You use subsidies

You can rely on our expertise

We know our way around the construction industry and are experts in the machines and vehicles you need. We work closely with all market leaders and major manufacturers. This means you benefit from subsidy programmes of the construction machinery manufacturers and special conditions up to zero percent financing as well as from subsidy programmes, for example from the KfW.


Machines need insurance

There is often a high deadline pressure at the construction site, and breakdowns can be expensive. This is why construction machinery and construction vehicles include insurance that is tailored to the needs of the construction industry. Deutsche Leasing's machinery insurance policies cover not only the repair costs but also the rental costs for a replacement machine or vehicle if the repair takes longer than a week. Even in case of carelessness!


Cooperation with dealers and manufacturers

In cooperation with the manufacturers and dealers of construction machinery, construction and commercial vehicles, we give customers the decisive impetus in their purchasing decisions.

With our vendor financing dealers and manufacturers can offer their customers the right financing directly. Buyers can choose between machine leasing, machine rental, machine hire purchase and investment credit for machines.

With our dealer stock financing we offer dealers of construction machinery, construction and commercial vehicles financial freedom. Thanks to large stocks in stock or in the rental park, you can deliver quickly, without burdening your credit line at your bank. With our dealer stock financing tool, you can check your financing inventory on a daily basis and submit your financing applications.

Faster on the construction site

With our Easy Finance App contractors, dealers and manufacturers can request financing offers quickly and precisely. You photograph the property documents, send us the picture - both within the app - and shortly afterwards you will receive the appropriate financing solution on your smartphone. The app is available for Apple and Android devices.