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  • For cars, equipment or IT, please contact us. We will send you a leasing or financing offer.

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Services for Mobility-Customers
  • Are you already a customer of the Mobility business unit and have questions about your mobility? We will be happy to assist you.

Financing types for medium-sized companies

Financial solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises

With leasing, hire-purchase, pay-per-use, sales financing and factoring, we offer uncomplicated and flexible financing solutions for small regional businesses as well as for medium-sized companies with international operations. Services for your vehicle fleet, property insurance for your investments as well as asset management and end-of-life services for IT complete our offerings.

The right financing solutions for your company and your needs

We would be pleased to advise you personally. It is easier to decide which type of financing is best in a joint discussion. If you already know exactly how or what you would like to finance, then simply ask for an offer without obligation.

Save liquidity with leasing, use the latest technology and enjoy favourable rates.


Preserve your liquidity, use the latest machines and technologies and enjoy favourable rates: with individual leasing solutions from the leading German asset finance partner.

Being particularly flexible with hire purchase

Hire purchase

Do you want to be particularly flexible in terms of time when paying in instalments, balance your investment immediately and continue to use it at the end of the contract period? Then hire purchase is just the right thing for you.

Vendor financing

Vendor financing

We support manufacturers and dealers in many industries with sales financing. Convince your customers with tailor-made financing solutions that you offer together with your product, machine or object.

Sale-and-lease-back: Creating liquidity in the short term

In certain situations, sale-and-lease-back - a special form of finance leasing - can be of interest to small and medium-sized enterprises, but also to large companies. Especially if they want to release capital in the short term and take advantage of the benefits of leasing.

Sale-and-lease-back: Creating liquidity in the short term
Pay-as-you-earn: Conserve liquidity

Pay-as-you-earn: Preserve liquidity

Since the early years of leasing, the pay-as-you-earn element has been part of the DNA of the leasing business. This advantage in the contractual design of leasing is of interest to companies of all sizes - whether small businesses or large companies. The leasing instalments depend on the income generated by the investment object. This preserves your own liquidity and credit line and gives you room for manoeuvre for other investments.

Dealer stock financing

Dealer stock financing

We support manufacturers and dealers in many industries with our dealer stock financing - independent of manufacturers and suppliers. You get the chance to offer your customers attractive rental solutions - without being tied to fixed contract terms. We finance rental parks, demonstration machines and warehouse equipment.

With factoring you protect yourself against bad debt losses


Sell your receivables and receive your money immediately: With factoring you protect yourself from bad debt losses, stabilize your liquidity and relieve your accounting department from receivables management.

Insurance and supplementary services for machinery, vehicles and fleets as well as for IT hardware

Object insurance and services

More than just financing: We offer you the right property insurance for your investments, full service contracts for your vehicle fleet, asset management and end-of-life services for your IT.