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Agricultural and forestry technology: profitable management, flexible financing

Whether farmer or forester, manufacturer or dealer of agricultural and forestry machinery: We prepare the ground for your profitable future - especially in times of digitalisation or climate change. Take advantage of our expertise in agriculture and forestry and finance, for example, tractors, harvesters or irrigation systems with our flexible solutions.

Technological advances such as digitalisation or developments such as climate change present agriculture and forestry with new opportunities and challenges. A new digital and networked generation of machines will help you to increase your production. Climate change is leading to adaptations, for example, through necessary irrigation of fields. Deutsche Leasing helps you to adapt quickly to such changes and to use new technologies with its range of flexible forms of financing.

Your agricultural specialists at Deutsche Leasing

Well financed in every situation

Farmers or foresters have the choice: whether they want to rent the machine first and then buy it, use the machine for a certain time and then return it, or be the owner from the outset and stay that way. Whatever your plans are, we offer you the right solution in every situation with leasing, rental (operate lease), hire purchase or a loan.

Dealers and manufacturers use our financing solutions to convince their customers. Our vendor financing for agricultural and forestry machinery offers your customers the choice between favourable and flexible forms of financing such as machine leasing, machine rental (operate lease), machine hire purchase or an investment loan for machines.  

With our dealer stock financing, we also offer dealers of agricultural and forestry machinery great financial freedom without burdening their credit line at their bank. Whether for your rental park or stock in the warehouse - with our dealer stock financing tool you can check your financing inventory on a daily basis and submit your financing applications to us.

Further information:

Vendor financing

Make the purchase decision easier for your customers


Dealer stock financing

Financial freedom for dealers


Financing solutions for farmers and foresters

  • Machine leasing / machine rental
     You save your equity capital
     You invest balance sheet neutral
     You enjoy tax advantages
     You exchange the machine after the running time
     You use subsidies (from 250.000 Euro investment sum) 
  • Machine hire purchase
     You keep the machine on your balance sheet
     You become the owner at the end of the term
     You reduce your monthly load with block rates
     You use subsidies (from 250.000 Euro investment sum)
  • Investment credit for machines
     You are immediately the owner of the machine
     You keep the machine on your balance sheet
     You use subsidies (from 40.000 Euro investment sum)

Faster in the forest or on the field

With our Easy Finance App   dealers and manufacturers, farmers and foresters request financing offers quickly and precisely. You photograph the property documents, send us the picture - both within the app - and shortly afterwards you will receive the appropriate financing solution on your smartphone. The app is available for Apple and Android devices.

Operating successfully with good insurance

The best tractor or harvester is of no use if it breaks down at harvest time. That's why a good agricultural or forestry machine includes insurance tailored to the seasonal needs of agriculture and forestry. Deutsche Leasing's machinery insurance policies not only cover repair costs but also the rental costs for a replacement machine if the repair takes longer than a week. This way, you will never miss the next harvest season!