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Services for Mobility-Customers
  • Are you already a customer of the Mobility business unit and have questions about your mobility? We will be happy to assist you.

German Desk Managers advise you on investments abroad

German Desk 360°: all about investing abroad

German SMEs are increasingly thinking and acting globally. Are you already investing abroad or opening up new sales markets? With German Desk 360°, we offer you first-hand advice for your current or planned foreign business or international investments, directly from experts in the respective country. Selected German Desk Managers from the most important markets provide you with up-to-date information from their country at various times throughout the year, either in person on site or digitally, as part of German Desk 360°. Our German Desk Managers are also available to you as contacts throughout the year.

German Desk 360°

Our German-speaking experts will help you find the ideal type of financing solution for your target country. 

Deutsche Unternehmen in den USA_Teaser.jpg

German Desk 360° | Individual Financing. Worldwide.

No matter which industry you are at home in: as a company from Germany, Austria or Switzerland with financing needs abroad, you can rely on Deutsche Leasing as an experienced, well-connected partner with expertise in 24 countries. Benefit from individual financing solutions and a German-speaking German Desk in the country of your financing needs. Personal, competent and reliable.

International investment: preferably with the advice of local experts

Book your individual, free consultation appointment as part of our German Desk 360° offer.

Get first-hand advice on your foreign business from our experts in the selected countries.
Take advantage of our offer to exchange information with a representative of your target market, either digitally or in person on site, and receive up-to-date, first-hand information. All our German Desk experts speak German. We look forward to your inquiry.

German Desk 360° has many advantages for you:

  • individual consulting offer - at your desired date
  • for international financing in the 24 Deutsche Leasing countries
  • Exchange with the German Desk Manager from the target country about your foreign business - possible digitally, from your location in Germany or also at the local savings bank
  • well-founded first-hand information about the target country
  • in-depth consideration of legal and tax aspects of foreign business transactions
  • ‘Soft’ factors: insight into the cultural customs of your target country
German Desk Manager talking to a customer about investing abroad

International investment: your requirements – our expertise

Every good product and unique service should be optimally placed on the market. This applies not only to activities in the domestic market, but even more so to investing abroad. After all, every country that offers an attractive sales market or worthwhile direct investments has its own individual circumstances. Investing abroad should be based on a sound foundation of knowledge and experience. We offer you both, in 24 countries worldwide.

In order to find the optimal financing solution for your foreign business, our experts focus on your individual plans and implement them on site according to the local legal, tax and cultural conditions. Our support begins in Germany and continues seamlessly in the target country. Many practical examples of satisfied customers show you how we work. We will be happy to discuss everything else in person. Use German Desk 360° to get to know us and our experts without obligation.

We will finance your international business – in 24 countries around the world

As a medium-sized company itself, Deutsche Leasing has a strong regional base in Germany, from where we have been supporting German medium-sized companies in global markets for more than 25 years. International investment is easy – with the right partner.

A map of the world shows Deutsche Leasing's international locations

Market information on Deutsche Leasing’s 24 international locations:

Austria »Belgium »Brazil »Bulgaria »Canada »China »Czech Republic »Denmark »Finland »France »Hungary »Ireland »Italy », Liechtenstein », Luxembourg »Netherlands »Norway »Poland »Portugal »Romania »Russia »Slovakia»Spain »Sweden »Spain », Switzerland », United Kingdom »USA»

We are part of a powerful alliance: the Savings Banks Finance Group

Deutsche Leasing has many own subsidiaries and, as part of the Savings Banks Finance Group, not only works closely with the savings banks, but also with the federal state banks and our own subsidiary, the Deutsche Factoring Bank. In collaboration with the S-CountryDesk, we’re paving the way for German medium-sized companies in foreign markets. You have the expert knowledge of all these partners at your disposal for international investment.

Internationalization with German Desk 360°

Would you like to seize the opportunity to set up your company internationally? Then make an appointment now for a personal or digital meeting with one of our experts. We will be happy to exchange ideas with you and answer any questions you may have about your target country.


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