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Commercial vehicle leasing: from articulated lorries to public buses

Leasing or financing commercial vehicles: From articulated lorries to public buses

Punctuality, safety and compliance with legal regulations are decisive competitive factors for companies that are active in the transport of goods or passengers. That's why you need a vehicle fleet that is equipped to meet all challenges: modern, reliable, safe and low-emission. For commercial vehicles such as buses, trucks, articulated lorries, trailers or semi-trailers, we offer you the right financing solution with leasing, hire purchase or investment loans for your vehicles. In Germany and over 20 other countries worldwide.

In order to keep up with the latest developments in drive technology, safety, emissions and comfort, logistics companies or operators in local public transport have to update their vehicle fleet again and again. In order to cope with these high investments, Deutsche Leasing offers the right financing solution for every need with leasing, hire purchase or loans. You can also adapt your vehicle fleet to seasonal or order-related requirements. Subsidies can also be included in the financing. Contact us and we will be happy to advise you.

your contact

Meinolf Zörb

Deutsche Leasing AG
Sales Manager Transport and Logistics

  • +49 160 90627827

Advantages of commercial vehicle leasing

With leasing, we offer you different types of contracts, which we can individually adapt to your needs. You can choose between residual value, full amortisation, kilometre and term option contracts. These advantages apply to all types of contract:

  • You only pay for the actual or anticipated use of the vehicles.
  • You have financial planning security through fixed leasing rates.
  • You relieve your equity and increase your liquidity.
  • You can react quickly and flexibly to new requirements.
  • At the end of the contract you return the vehicle and can lease a new one with the latest technology.
Companies in the freight or passenger transport sector can choose between leasing, hire purchase and investment loans when financing their vehicle fleet with Deutsche Leasing.

Advantages of purchasing commercial vehicles by hire purchase or investment credit

Would you prefer to purchase your trucks or buses? Then we offer two different financing solutions with hire purchase or investment credit with the following advantages:

  • You finance the vehicle by instalments (hire purchase) or with external funds (investment loan).
  • You have financial planning security due to the fixed calculated interest and repayment schedule.
  • You activate the vehicle in your balance sheet and create additional economic substance.
  • If necessary, we integrate subsidies for the customer and together we find the ideal financing solution for him.

Examples of our financing objects in the area of commercial vehicles:

  • Truck
  • Trailers
  • Swap bodies and crane systems
  • Container
  • Buses
  • Public buses and much more

Deutsche Leasing's financing solutions for commercial vehicles offer you these advantages:

You have the choice+

Depending on your wishes and requirements, you can choose between leasing, hire purchase and investment loans when financing your vehicles. 

You stay technically up-to-date+

With modern vehicles you deliver goods on time, reduce emissions and offer your passengers contemporary safety and comfort. 

You also receive our services internationally+

Whether you want to finance your commercial vehicles in Germany or abroad, we are there for you in over 20 countries worldwide.

your contact

Meinolf Zörb

Deutsche Leasing AG
Sales Manager Transport and Logistics

  • +49 160 90627827