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Leasing: Types of financing for medium-sized companies

Leasing for small and medium-sized enterprises

Introduced in Germany by Deutsche Leasing over fifty years ago, leasing has become an indispensable part of the economy. This applies to small and medium-sized enterprises - SMEs - as well as to large companies. Protected liquidity, regular technical renewal of equipment and high flexibility in contracts are convincing more and more companies. No wonder that for years now more than half of externally financed investments have been realised via leasing.

Today, leasing can be used to finance almost everything that the economy needs: Vehicles and vehicle fleets, construction and agricultural machinery, industrial machinery and equipment, IT equipment, software and investments in digitalisation, commercial real estate, medical equipment, power stations and wind turbines, buses and trains in local public transport and much more.

We offer our leasing solutions not only nationally, but also internationally. We have our own branches in over 20 countries worldwide, including the USA, China, Brazil and Russia, and we also work closely with the German savings banks. With leasing - and other types of financing - we support German SMEs in the global markets with their direct investments and the sale of their products with Vendor financing.

How leasing works

  1. It all starts with your wish: You want to invest, for example in machines, vehicles, real estate, medical equipment or in a software solution. You determine the investment object and its equipment. Whatever it is, there are almost no limits to the possibilities with leasing. 
  2. As lessor, Deutsche Leasing procures and finances your desired object for you and lets you use it for a fee that covers the loss in value. If you have already acquired the object, you can also lease it afterwards via "sale-and-lease-back". The leasing contract you conclude with Deutsche Leasing regulates the general conditions: the period of use, the amount of the user fee and what happens to the object at the end: whether you want to return it or purchase it.
  3. Depending on the sector and leasing object, the contracts can also include other services, such as maintenance for machines or vehicles, updates and data deletion for IT hardware as well as the appropriate insurance.
  4. As a lessee, you use the object for the agreed period and pay your monthly instalments to Deutsche Leasing. These can be constant, but can also be based on income (pay-as-you-earn) or on use (pay-per-use).
  5. At the end of the agreed useful life, which can be 36 or 48 months for a passenger car, for example, there are several options, depending on the lease agreement: You can return the object to Deutsche Leasing and then lease a new, technically more up-to-date object. You can also continue to lease the object or purchase it at its residual value and continue to use it.

With pay-per-use, leasing can be adapted even more flexibly and individually to the needs of your company. Your capital expenditure is further reduced and you are even more flexible.

Kai Ostermann, Chairman of the Board of Deutsche Leasing AG
Kai Ostermann, Chairman of the Board of Deutsche Leasing AG

Pay-per-use: even more flexible and individual

If leasing is already catering to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses for a flexible and tailor-made financing solutions, pay-per-use is the further development of this principle thanks to the possibilities of digitalisation. Instead of previously agreed instalments based on an assumed use of the investment object, pay-per-use involves measuring and invoicing the use.

This means: if the use of a machine is high, the rate increases; if it is low, the rate decreases accordingly and thus adapts to the economic situation of the company. 

You get exactly what you want+

As a manufacturer-independent lessor, Deutsche Leasing procures your desired object - with exactly the equipment you want.

You save liquidity and equity+

Deutsche Leasing procures and finances the investment object. You do not need to invest your own capital or take out a loan.

You deduct the leasing payments from tax+

Leasing instalments and special leasing payments are fully tax deductible as business expenses.

You use the latest technology+

Due to the limited duration of the leasing contracts and the option of return and renewal at the end of the contract, you always use up-to-date equipment. Especially in industries with rapid development cycles, this can be a decisive competitive advantage.

You benefit from flexibility+

Production plants have fluctuating workloads, and seasonal factors play a major role in construction and agriculture. Both have an impact on cash flow. This and more can be taken into account in the leasing contracts.

You enjoy good prices+

As a leading German asset finance partner, Deutsche Leasing obtains favourable purchasing conditions and can offer correspondingly favourable leasing rates.

You have an international partner+

Deutsche Leasing offers you leasing solutions for your direct investments and sales financing in over 20 countries worldwide.