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Financing solutions for medical technology and healthcare

Hospitals, clinics, specialists and laboratory physicians must continually invest in the modernization of their medical technology in order to keep up with the latest developments and to remain competitive. New diagnostic and therapy equipment, practice facilities and clinic equipment come at a price. At the same time, the economic situation and the cost regulations in the health care sector are restricting financial leeway. Financing solutions such as leasing and hire-purchase provide the necessary freedom: this allows the necessary investments to be made without tying up capital.

Hospitals, medical care centres, doctors' practices, rehabilitation and care facilities are facing financial challenges: With computer tomographs, magnetic resonance tomographs, laser systems, rehabilitation or laboratory technology, they have to constantly invest in equipment that is not only expensive but also subject to rapid innovation cycles. In order to be profitable, the equipment and facilities must be used and utilised to their full potential. In addition, the buildings must also be maintained, modernized or newly constructed. This increasing cost pressure in the healthcare sector is accompanied by budget restrictions and an increasingly competitive environment. 

With the right financing solution, health care providers can continue to benefit from the dynamics of technological development and act in a future-oriented manner. Through its subsidiary, DAL Deutsche Anlagen Leasing GmbH & Co. KG (DAL), Deutsche Leasing Group offers individual financing solutions tailored to specific requirements with leasing, hire purchase and investment loans:

  • Budget-oriented licence agreements
  • Concepts for individual investments up to the structuring of multi-year investment plans
  • Integration of subsidies
  • Cost security through consideration of maintenance and follow-up costs
  • Comprehensive advice on procurement and structuring of the investment
  • Additional services such as insurance cover

DAL Deutsche Anlagen-Leasing GmbH & Co. KG

Deutsche Leasing Group
Emy-Roeder-Straße 2
55129 Mainz

  • +49 6131 804-2450

The asset portfolio in medical technology and healthcare

DAL offers financing, leasing and hire purchase of the following assets:

  • Magnetic resonance tomographs and computer tomographs
  • X-ray and sonography equipment
  • Linear accelerator
  • Equipment for anaesthesia, ventilation and monitoring
  • Laboratory Technology
  • Endoscopes and gastroscopy units
  • Equipment of the central sterilization department
  • OP instruments, OP robots and OP tables
  • Equipment for hospitals, medical practices and nursing homes
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Room modules

Your advantages of financing medical technology with DAL:

  • Financing, leasing and hire purchase for a large number of diagnostic and therapy equipment as well as equipment for clinics, Medical care centres, medical practices, rehabilitation and care facilities
  • Individual and needs-based financing solutions geared to the requirements of the market
  • Consideration of maintenance and follow-up costs
  • Additional services such as insurance cover
  • Integration of subsidies
  • Pay-as-you-earn models