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Public transport financing: precise advice and flexible solutions

Public transport plays an essential role in the mobility of the future. However, municipal and private transport companies face a number of challenges: New EU regulations such as accessibility, emission-reducing measures and the constantly growing number of passengers require high investments. Deutsche Leasing supports the financing of this important pillar for the economy, society and the environment with precise advice and flexible solutions. An important partner in this are the local savings banks.

Local public transport is considered one of the most important factors when it comes to quality of life - in cities, metropolitan regions and in the countryside. However, operating the buses, trams and other means of transportation is cost-intensive. In addition, local authorities and operators will face major challenges in the coming years:

  • Replacement needs for outdated fleets
  • Legally required accessibility of vehicles from 2022
  • Reduction of greenhouse emissions by 2030
  • Constantly growing passenger volume

In order to contribute to the achievement of the emission targets set, the above-mentioned factors lead to a high and cost-intensive investment requirement. For example, low-emission or zero-emission buses must be purchased with new types of drive (battery or hydrogen-powered). In addition to the high acquisition costs for vehicles, further substantial investments in infrastructure are required. In the case of e-buses, this may include investments in the charging infrastructure or, in the case of hydrogen-powered buses, the necessary filling stations for hydrogen as an energy carrier.

Your contact person

Jörg Steinhoff

Deutsche Leasing AG
Sales Manager Transport and Logistics

  • +49 171 3352664
Municipalities and private operators are increasingly using leasing solutions to finance a modern, efficient and low-emission public transport system.

Leasing extends the scope for action and financing

In order to minimise capital expenditure, more and more transport companies and bus operators are turning to the alternative financing form of leasing to finance their bus and train fleets. Financing by means of leasing allows you to acquire a modern, efficient fleet of vehicles while maintaining or even expanding your own scope for action and financing. Due to the time limit and flexibility, leasing contracts are also ideal for constantly renewing fleets and keeping pace with technical progress. In addition to leasing as a form of financing, Deutsche Leasing also offers classic credit financing, which in turn is characterised by particularly long-term fixed interest rates.

Best solutions through object know-how and industry expertise

With our many years of experience in financing public transport projects, we offer expert advice and attractive financing solutions. Our knowledge of the European and German framework conditions for the award of contracts, as well as the investment properties and their value development and the special features of the industry, lead to individual customer requirements, which we are happy to meet. This may also include the integration of subsidy programmes as well as the integration prior to investment grants.

Competent and in partnership

Deutsche Leasing is the competence centre for leasing and factoring within the Sparkasse Finance Group. This is why we work in partnership with the local savings banks in our financing solutions for public transport.

The public transport financing solutions of Deutsche Leasing offer you these advantages:

You remain flexible+

Even with high investments in public transport, you retain your freedom of action and financing.

They offer current technology+

Leasing allows you to replace your fleet regularly - even without a large budget. This way, you can map the development steps for drives, safety and passenger comfort.

You rely on experts+

We have the necessary property know-how and industry expertise in local public transport.

You have a strong partner+

As part of the Sparkasse Finance Group, we work closely with the savings bank of your municipality or region.

Your contact person

Jörg Steinhoff

Deutsche Leasing AG
Sales Manager Transport and Logistics

  • +49 171 3352664