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Optimal financing solutions for special asset classes

Deutsche Leasing is by its subsidiary DAL Deutsche Anlagen-Leasing GmbH & Co. KG (DAL), a specialist in arranging and structuring long-term, asset-related financing in the infrastructure and utilities and medical technology sectors.
DAL offers financing solutions for photovoltaic systems, for example, as well as for large medical equipment for hospitals and doctors' surgeries. The range of financing options includes investment loans, leasing or hire-purchase - and often the integration of subsidies is also possible. In addition, DAL offers financing for intangible assets such as trademarks, patents and licences, as well as financing for current assets.

DAL Deutsche Anlagen-Leasing GmbH & Co. KG

  • +49 6131 804-0

Infrastructure and supply

Smart meters, e-mobility, wind power or photovoltaics: the generation, distribution and consumption of energy are undergoing fundamental change. With our extensive experience in financing energy projects, we facilitate investments in the future of energy.


Medical Technology

Hospitals, clinics, specialists and laboratory physicians must continuously invest in the modernisation of their medical technology. The economic situation and the cost regulations of the health sector restrict the financial scope. With financing, leasing, hire purchase and "pay as you earn" contracts, the necessary investments can be made without tying up too much capital.


Intangible assets

There is often financial potential in trademarks, patents, licenses and rights. The hidden reserves of intangible assets can be used and liquidity can be increased with the help of intelligent, long-term financing. This also applies to strategic financing for acquisitions, takeovers or management buyouts in which intangible assets are also taken over. DAL develops tailor-made financing solutions that are optimally tailored to the balance sheet, liquidity, rating, tax and corporate law aspects.



When companies have to stockpile a large number of operating supplies, semi-finished and finished goods or purchased parts, this has a considerable impact on liquidity and capital commitment. With "Financial Warehousing", DAL offers medium-sized enterprises with inventories of 5 million euros or more the optimum solution for releasing capital and financing the incoming or outgoing warehouse securely and in the long term. The equity capital now available can be used for important strategic projects, such as opening up digital sales channels or new markets.

Market leader with much experience and a large network

With its subsidiary DAL, Deutsche Leasing Group has the experience to develop the optimal financing solutions for large and complex investment projects. It has a nationwide network of branch offices and, as a member of the Savings Banks Finance Group, can be reached through any savings bank.

Your advantages with financing solutions for special asset classes

  • Financing, leasing or hire purchase for investment objects in the fields of renewable energy and medical technology
  • Raise hidden reserves and thus increase liquidity by financing intangible assets such as patents, brands or licenses
  • Financial warehousing offers the release of capital tied up in inventories for the further development of the company
  • The integration of subsidies is possible for many investment objects
  • As a subsidiary of Deutsche Leasing Group, DAL is a member of Savings Banks Finance Group and offers a dense national and international network