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German Desk Manager shows a customer the options for international financing

Deutsche Leasing international: your international financing partner

Would you like to invest in your international production facilities or tap into new sales and purchasing markets abroad? As part of the Savings Banks Finance Group, Deutsche Leasing can assist you internationally in 24 countries around the world with solutions for international financing: for your direct investments or with sales financing to increase the sale of your machines and systems. We support medium-sized companies based in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in global markets. Our employees abroad are experts in your industries and markets and are happy to advise you in German.

German Desk 360°

Our German-speaking experts will help you find the ideal type of financing for your target country. 

For your success abroad: international financing

There are plenty of reasons to obtain international financing, whether you have plans to produce abroad or would like to modernise existing production systems or expand your sales and service branches. For your direct investments, Deutsche Leasing international is represented in the most important global markets: Europe, the US, Canada, China, Brazil and Russia.

International financing also comes into play if you export your products but would also like to offer your customers suitable financing. We’ll be happy to assist you here with our sales financing. In either case, we’ll provide you with comprehensive, expert advice – with knowledge of your sectors and markets.

Deutsche Leasing international offers a wide spectrum of solutions and services for international financing, which may vary from one country to the next:

  • Finance lease
  • Operate lease
  • Purchase
  • Loan for investments
  • Integration of funding
  • ECA Buyer Credit
  • Insurances
  • Services
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German Desk 360° | Individual Financing. Worldwide.

No matter which industry you are at home in: as a company from Germany, Austria or Switzerland with financing needs abroad, you can rely on Deutsche Leasing as an experienced, well-connected partner with expertise in 24 countries. Benefit from individual financing solutions and a German-speaking German Desk in the country of your financing needs. Personal, competent and reliable.

Direct investments

Whether you’re looking to establish or modernise your production facility, there are many factors that help to determine the success of an international direct investment, ranging from knowledge about local regulations and tax requirements to ‘soft’ factors such as language and culture.

Represented locally around the world, Deutsche Leasing can help German, Austrian and Swiss companies with their direct investments, offering the following services:

  • Optimised, country-specific financing solutions tailored to your specific plans
  • Advice with international expertise, already available at your home location
  • Complementary advice abroad provided by multilingual specialists who also speak German
  • Quotations and contracts in the language of the target country and with a German translation
  • Contracts which fulfil local regulations and tax requirements

The optimal solution for your international financing begins at your home location. Deutsche Leasing international finds the right solution for you, based on your business model and the current situation at your company. For accompanying questions about bank details or payments, we work closely with the S-CountryDesk, ensuring you receive comprehensive support for your plans.

We provide German, Austrian and Swiss companies looking to invest directly abroad with tailored, comprehensive international financing:

  • Funding can be integrated
  • Your liquidity and equity ratio are protected
  • Greater financial flexibility thanks to reduced financing costs
  • Off-balance investments are possible
  • Pay as you earn: financing solutions in accordance with your cashflow

If you’re curious about our solutions for your international direct investment, then request a non-binding consultation on our international financing.

Deutsche Leasing will find an optimal solution for your international financing.

Sales financing

You have the products and potential buyers abroad. The question is: How do you bring them together? Globalisation and digitisation are opening up international markets for more and more medium-sized companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Deutsche Leasing international offers sales financing to assist you with sales in 24 countries around the world. The possibilities include tailored lease structures for your customers, assistance with the import of your machinery and systems, and even protection against payment defaults.

We also provide manufacturers and dealers across all segments with flexible cooperation models in the form of sales financing, thus allowing you to offer your customers the right financing for products in many different sectors such as construction machinery, agricultural and forestry equipment, forklifts and loaders, stationary machinery and production systems.

Offer the right financing alongside the product – Deutsche Leasing international’s financing offers lots of benefits:

  • New sales and purchasing markets for your company and products
  • Continuous advice – from Germany, Austria and Switzerland to the target market – and even there in German
  • Internationally experienced partners with knowledge of business, laws and culture in the country in question
  • Contracts in line with local laws and requirements
  • Support with the import process
  • Security against default payments

If you’re curious about sales financing, then request a non-binding consultation on our international financing.

Export financing with ECA

Together with AKA Bank, the specialist provider of export financing, you can also conclude ECA-covered transactions via Deutsche Leasing.

The principle

An Export Credit Agency (ECA) promotes export business on behalf of a state such as the Federal Republic of Germany - especially in emerging and developing countries. This is made possible by hedging credit risks through governmental credit insurance. In Germany, Euler Hermes AG is the official partner of the government for export financing.

ECA financing is an important solution for German manufacturers as well as their customers abroad.

Your partner: Deutsche Leasing

Risk mitigation and credit protection for export transactions are of enormous importance, especially in uncertain times. Together with AKA Bank, the specialist provider of export financing, Deutsche Leasing offers ECA-covered transactions:

  • Small tickets: from as little as €1 million investment volume
  • Worldwide: in more than 60 countries - far beyond Deutsche Leasing's country network

Advantages for the exporter:

  • Protection against default of receivables: The exporter transfers the entire risk to the Federal Government and Deutsche Leasing, thus ensuring secure payment flows with zero risk.
  • New sales opportunities with previously excluded customers
  • Exporter as "problem solver”
  • Integration of services

Advantages for the borrower abroad:

  • Financing with long terms for adequate instalments
  • Repayment structure is matched to expected cash flow
  • Acceptable interest rates (usually below local interest rates)
  • No impact on the existing credit lines

Have we made you curious about the ECA offer? Then request a non-binding consultation.

Deutsche Leasing international

Our international financing with solutions for direct investment and sales financing is attractive for investors and exporters alike. We take your specific requirements and the local conditions in your target countries into account. With Deutsche Leasing international, you have a partner who, just like you, is locally rooted and yet thinks and operates globally.

A map of the world shows the locations of Deutsche Leasing International

Market information on Deutsche Leasing’s 24 international locations:

Austria »Belgium »Brazil »Bulgaria »Canada »China »Czech Republic »Denmark »Finland »France »Hungary »Ireland »Italy », Liechtenstein », Luxemburg »Netherlands »Norway »Poland »Portugal »Romania »Russia »Slovakia»Spain »Sweden », Spanien », Switzerland », United Kingdom »USA»

Practical examples of the internationalisation of companies

Examples of international financing

Deutsche Leasing international supports medium-sized companies based in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in global markets. Here you can find some example investments that we’ve implemented with our customers.

Deutsche Leasing International provides important information about investments abroad during the meeting

German Desk 360°: International investment

Whether you are just planning your foreign engagement or are already active: At German Desk 360° you will meet experienced experts from our target markets who will be happy to provide you with valuable, up-to-date information.

Deutsche Leasing supports German companies in the USA

Challenges in the US as a target market

Every country offers its own opportunities and challenges. If you have plans to invest in the US or tap into the country as a sales market, our experts have put together some information for you.

Request financing / advice

Do you already have plans to invest abroad and would like to discuss market challenges or solutions for your situation? Then send us a message. We’ll be happy to chat with you or we can call you back.


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