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Practical examples for the internationalisation of companies

International expansion: our practical examples

Medium-sized companies go global: the international expansion of medium-sized companies is no longer the exception, but the rule. There’s more demand for their products and services in global markets than ever before. For more than 25 years, Deutsche Leasing has supported business activities around the world – now in 24 countries. Innovative financing solutions, tailored lease structures and local expertise in the target market are everything when it comes to direct investment and sales financing, as legal and tax issues, accounting regulations, language and culture all play a key role in success. Our services are suitable for manufacturers and dealers as well as German, Austrian and Swiss companies which pursue direct investment. With the German Desk, Austrian Desk and Swiss Desk, Deutsche Leasing offers businesses throughout these countries global financing solutions.

International expansion: examples of direct investment

Differences in regulations, taxes and culture are the biggest challenges when it comes to expanding a company internationally. We’re represented in all relevant global markets with local experts. Our examples show how they have worked with our customers to implement projects.

Injection moulding machines and equipment for Hungary+

Financing across country borders can be a complicated process. An automotive supplier based in Franconia, Germany, chose the easier path: directly financing two injection moulding machines, one drying unit and one tempering unit locally – with Deutsche Leasing in Hungary. The customer opted for a finance lease.

Investment amount: €900,000

Solution benefits:
Direct, German-speaking contacts in Hungary

Fixed instalments and protection of internal liquidity

Automatic ownership transfer to the customer at the end of the term

Production machinery for the US+

A manufacturer of valve systems for the automotive industry required new machinery and equipment for its first international factory. The company opted for Deutsche Leasing, as it was looking for a finance partner which has expertise in both countries and would provide greater certainty with processing in German.

Investment amount: USD 14.5 million

Solution benefits:
Establishment of the all-important credit history for the US market through first-time US financing

Advice and contracts in German

Specific customer desires taken into account

Sprinkler system for Poland+

A turf manufacturer based in Rhineland invested in ten new sprinkler systems for its operations in Poland. The primary benefit of the agreed lease was seasonal instalments, as sales in the gardening sector are largely dependent on the time of year.

Investment amount: €329,000

Solution benefits:
Seasonal instalments based on business cycles in the gardening sector

Minimal deposit

No additional collateral

Machine tools for Austria+

With more and more companies expanding internationally, a Bavarian machine manufacturer expanded into Austria, which required investment in machine tools, bending machines and automation technology. A technical sale and leaseback solution offered the company the optimal conditions.

Investment amount: €6 million

Solution benefits:
Straightforward processing

Coordinated payment schedule with a depreciation-compliant term of up to ten years

Better purchasing conditions thanks to cash payment by the customer to its supplier

Medical devices for China+

Young city dwellers in China prefer to undergo laser eye surgery to correct their vision. With more and more companies expanding internationally, a German chain of eye surgery clinics expanded its network of subsidiaries in China and financed its high-performance laser equipment for Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen with the support of Deutsche Leasing China. For the new location in Guangzhou, the company acquired two eye laser systems and the corresponding diagnostic equipment.

Investment amount: €617,500

Solution benefits:
Support for the costly process of importing technology to China

Amount of financing guaranteed by the German clinic’s parent company

Milling centres for Romania+

A tool manufacturer planned to buy two new milling centres for one of its locations in Romania. The customer opted for Deutsche Leasing’s flexible offer tailored to international expansion: a customised finance lease which accommodates the differing accounting regulations in Germany and Romania.

Investment amount: €1 million

Solution benefits:
Advice in German and Romanian

Bespoke financing with far-reaching supplementary agreements

Recycling system for the US (project supported from Austria)+

For the North American market, a recycling system manufacturer based in Upper Austria wanted to invest in a demonstration machine, which would be sold as a used system following the financing term. With its asset expertise, Deutsche Leasing was able to prepare a lease with a residual value near the expected market value.

Investment amount: USD 495,000

Solution benefits:
Local financing

Low instalments to protect liquidity

Straightforward processing

Die casting cell for Austrian factory (project supported from Switzerland)+

Currency and liability risks and immense costs for the parent company were preventing a Swiss automotive supplier from expanding internationally. With its presence in all the production countries, Deutsche Leasing enabled the financing of production facilities around the world. The first project was implemented in Austria.

Investment amount: €1.3 million

Solution benefits:
One German-speaking contact for 24 countries in Europe and beyond

Fast contract processing in accordance with the laws of each country

Operate lease, with residual value risks assumed, even abroad

Deutsche Unternehmen in den USA_Teaser.jpg

German Desk 360° | Individual Financing. Worldwide.

No matter which industry you are at home in: as a company from Germany, Austria or Switzerland with financing needs abroad, you can rely on Deutsche Leasing as an experienced, well-connected partner with expertise in 24 countries. Benefit from individual financing solutions and a German-speaking German Desk in the country of your financing needs. Personal, competent and reliable.

International expansion: examples of sales financing

Sales financing is the ideal option for offering the right financing alongside the company’s own product. Deutsche Leasing offers manufacturers and dealers tailored solutions that protect liquidity as well as cooperation models in the most important markets around the world.

Heavy-goods vehicle for Italy+

With more and more companies expanding internationally, an Italian company wanted to purchase a heavy-goods vehicle from a manufacturer based in Württemberg. The end customer’s only condition was an integrated financing solution. With the support of Deutsche Leasing, the transaction was implemented as an operate lease.

Investment amount: €2.2 million

Solution benefits:
Customer’s condition fulfilled

Sale secured

Sorting system for Brazil+

Despite repeated attempts, a Swabian company wasn’t able to sell its systems in Brazil until Deutsche Leasing got involved, working closely with the Brazilian customer locally and seeing to the ECA cover.

Investment amount: €2.7 million

Solution benefits:
Successful entry into the Brazilian market

Short implementation period

Comprehensive support

Foreign markets for international expansion

Are you planning to produce at foreign locations or are you planning to open up new sales markets for your products? We offer customers headquartered in Germany, Austria and Switzerland the best conditions for your internationalization with individual solutions worldwide in direct investment and sales financing. With advice that begins in your company's home country and is seamlessly continued on site by our local, German-speaking experts, you are ideally prepared for all legal, tax and cultural conditions in the target market.
As part of German Desk 360°, you can receive first-hand advice on your foreign business from our experts in the selected countries at your preferred time. Take advantage of our offer to exchange information digitally or in person on site with a representative of your target market and receive up-to-date, first-hand information and discuss concrete financing approaches.

Deutsche Leasing supports German companies in the USA

Challenges in the US as a target market

When it comes to expanding medium-sized companies internationally, the US is and will always be one of the most attractive markets for direct investment and sales financing. The associated challenges are primarily financial and cultural in nature. Credit history, in particular, is one of the most demanding aspects. Newcomers to the US market don’t have the necessary transactions there for a credit score, which is used to demonstrate a borrower’s creditworthiness throughout the country. Because banks grant their loans on the basis of this credit history, companies don’t have any access to financing. Financing through Deutsche Leasing establishes this credit history, allowing the company to operate independently as a borrower in the US after a certain period of time.

‘A cup of coffee with ...’ – what our customers have to say about us

During our many personal consultations, we’ve asked some of our customers to briefly share their experiences of how we can help companies expand internationally. See for yourself what our customers have to say about us.

‘A cup of coffee with ...’ – ... Willi Stadler, Director of Stadler Anlagenbau GmbH:

‘A cup of coffee with ...’ – ... Daniel Siegmund, Managing Director of Bernd Siegmund GmbH:

‘A cup of coffee with ...’ – ... Horst Walz, managing partner of Ludo Fact GmbH:

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