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Services for Mobility-Customers
  • Are you already a customer of the Mobility business unit and have questions about your mobility? We will be happy to assist you.

Hardware-Leasing: flexibel und kostengünstig

Hardware leasing: from smartphones to data centres

Don't let outdated hardware slow down your business. With our flexible and cost-effective IT leasing, you can keep your IT infrastructure up-to-date: from smartphones and notebooks to printers and copiers, networks, servers and data centres. Without risk and with full planning security.

Your company is expanding and you want to adapt the IT infrastructure to your growth? Your hardware has reached the end of its useful life, and now new investments are due? As a leading German asset finance provider, we develop the right financing solution for your IT investments, including comprehensive services. You enjoy constant and easily predictable leasing installments and individually tailored contractual arrangements.

With hardware leasing you avoid high investments in technologies that quickly become obsolete and remain technically and financially flexible. You follow the fast innovation cycles and always use state-of-the-art equipment and applications without burdening your budget. Our hardware leasing also relieves your internal resources, as we take over the payment of supplier invoices and the inventory of your IT assets.


DAL Deutsche Anlagen-Leasing GmbH & Co. KG

Deutsche Leasing Gruppe
Emy-Roeder-Straße 2
55129 Mainz

  • +49 6131 804-2201

True Lease: our offer for hardware leasing with open residual values

In the case of operating leases, the lessor measures the resale value of the hardware components at the end of the lease term and includes the future residual value in the lease payments. This means that only the actual use of the equipment during the contract period is included in the calculation. This "True Lease", as we call it, leads to particularly favourable leasing rates. We can also offer balance sheet-neutral leasing to companies that prepare their balance sheets in accordance with US-GAAP. Furthermore, this type of contract allows us to calculate a price-sensitive offer.

We offer more than just the financing of your hardware

As vendor-neutral experts, we advise you not only on financing issues, but also on the planning of your IT projects or the ongoing optimization of your IT infrastructure. We accompany you throughout the entire technology cycle, support you in IT outsourcing, take over the labour-intensive processes for you and create transparency. That's why our complete packages include IT asset management and end-of-life services in addition to pure financing.

Individual insurance solutions for your IT infrastructure

Another service we offer is our IT insurance solutions, with which we provide comprehensive and cost-effective protection against a wide range of damage to your sensitive and often business-critical hardware - from PCs and printers to data centres - on request. Our electronics insurance offers significantly more benefits than a standard business content insurance.

You can insure these and other claims with us:

  • Operating errors, clumsiness or intent of third parties
  • Construction and material defects
  • Short circuit, overcurrent or overvoltage
  • Fire, lightning, explosion
  • Water, humidity
  • Storm, frost, ice drift, flooding

With our electronics insurance, your IT hardware is optimally and comprehensively insured in the event of damage, and at top conditions.

Electronics insurance for your IT hardware

Your advantages of hardware leasing and financing with Deutsche Leasing Group

  • Lower IT costs, more liquidity
  • Improved business processes
  • Managed Services: Always up-to-date hardware and software
  • Full planning reliability, no unforeseen costs
  • Consulting for project planning and ongoing IT optimization
  • Comprehensive services around the IT technology cycle
  • Hardware insurance with individual choice of scope
  • Balance sheet-neutral leasing according to international accounting standards