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German Desk Managers advise you on investments abroad

German Desk Weeks: all about investing abroad

German medium-sized companies are increasingly thinking and operating on a global scale. Are you, too, already investing abroad or tapping into new markets? With the German Desk Weeks, we can offer you advice for your current or planned business abroad or international investments, based on first-hand experience. This is provided directly by experts from the country in which you are interested. During the German Desk Weeks, selected German Desk Managers from the most important markets provide you with current information about your target country at various times of the year, either in person or virtually. Our German Desk Managers are also available year round as your contact.

International investment: preferably with the advice of local experts

Several times a year, experts from selected countries come to Germany specifically for the German Desk Weeks to advise you on your business abroad. So take advantage of this opportunity to speak to a representative of your target market either in person or virtually and receive up-to-date, well-founded information first hand. All our German Desk Managers speak German. The German Desk Weeks offer you lots of benefits:

  • You can speak to the German Desk Manager from your target country about your international business at the location of your choice in Germany, whether it’s at your premises, your local savings bank or virtually.
  • Sound information about the target country based on first-hand experience
  • Detailed consideration of laws and tax requirements for international business
  • ‘Soft’ factors: insight into the cultural customs of your target country

German Desk Weeks: countries and dates

USA / Canada+

For years now, the US and Canada have been the world’s largest economy, the biggest customer of German-made goods and the most important sales markets for international business in the machinery industry. The US is also becoming more and more attractive as a location for investment. Our local experts are happy to advise you if you’re looking to invest in the US or tap into the sales market. Local financial solutions are also possible!

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Czech Republic+

The Czech Republic does a third of its foreign trade with Germany, whilst two-thirds of all foreign direct investments come from Germany. The dynamic market with lots of highly qualified workers is an attractive location for international business. It’s no wonder that we’re represented there with one of our largest and oldest subsidiaries.

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Poland is the logistical hub to many other Eastern European countries for your international business. We have well-connected locations in three large Polish cities: Warsaw, Poznań and Wrocław. Local German-speaking experts will be happy to advise you on the topic of investment in Poland as well as options for tax optimisation.

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As the sole German financial services provider with a leasing licence in Brazil, we can also offer you more complex lease structures such as finance leases for your international business. We’re also accredited for the transmission of Brazilian FINAME subsidies, which can only be used by manufacturers who operate in Brazil.

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International investment – that’s also an attractive option in China with its enormous market. While strictly regulated in the financial market, leasing in China enables a much higher degree of flexibility than, for example, shareholder loans. Leases do not require government approval, nor is there any need for our customers to register a land charge.

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German medium-sized companies play a key role in the Romanian economy as both trade partners and investors. With our location in Bucharest, our local experts have offered professional support for international investment since 2007, whether it’s direct investment or sales financing. We’re accredited for the European Investment Fund’s COSME programme in Romania.

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German Desk Manager talking to a customer about investing abroad

International investment: your requirements – our expertise

Every good product and every unique service should be optimally positioned in the market. This not only applies to activities in the domestic market, but even more so to international investment, as every country that offers an attractive sales market or worthwhile direct investments has its own unique conditions. International investments should be made on a well-founded basis of knowledge and experience, both of which we offer you in 24 countries around the world.

To find the optimal financing solution for your international business, our experts focus on your specific plans, implementing them locally in line with local regulations, tax requirements and cultural customs. Our support begins in Germany and continues seamlessly into the target country. Many practical examples of satisfied customers show you how we work. We’ll be happy to discuss anything else in person or virtually. Take advantage of the German Desk Weeks and get to know us and our experts – no strings attached.

We’ll finance your international business – in 24 countries around the world

As a medium-sized company itself, Deutsche Leasing has a strong regional base in Germany, from where we’ve supported German medium-sized companies in global markets for more than 25 years. International investment is easy – with the right partner.

A map of the world shows Deutsche Leasing's international locations

Market information on Deutsche Leasing’s 24 international locations:

Austria »Belgium »Brazil »Bulgaria »Canada »China »Czech Republic »Denmark »Finland »France »Hungary »Ireland »Italy »Luxemburg »Netherlands »Norway »Poland »Portugal »Romania »Russia »Slovakia»Spain »Sweden »Slowakei »Spanien », Switzerland », United Kingdom »USA»

We’re part of a powerful alliance: the Savings Banks Finance Group

Deutsche Leasing has many own subsidiaries and, as part of the Savings Banks Finance Group, not only works closely with the savings banks, but also with the federal state banks and our own subsidiary, the Deutsche Factoring Bank. In collaboration with the S-CountryDesk, we’re paving the way for German medium-sized companies in foreign markets. You have the expert knowledge of all these partners at your disposal for international investment.


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