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Fertile farming – flexible financing


Fertile ground for your ideas


For many years, Deutsche Leasing has been your partner for investing in agricultural and foresting machines.

Whether you are a farmer or forester, manufacturer or dealer: we till the soil so that you can continue farming with high yields in future all while relying on a stable and long-standing partnership. We know our way around the agriculture and forestry sectors and are experts in the machinery you need – from tractors and combine harvesters to shredders.

Our understanding of your work pays off in the form of our flexible and tailor-made financing solutions.

Using financial flexibility


Good financing options are key to a good product, which is why we use our solutions to provide the customers of dealers and manufacturers with the decisive impetus when making decisions to buy.

Our vendor financing offers a choice between leasing, rental, hire purchase and investment credit.

Additionally, with our dealer stock financing (HEF), we offer dealers a great deal of financial flexibility. This in turn offers you some relief with regard to your line of credit with the bank and allows you more freedom in terms of equity. Using our HEF-Online tool, you always have an up-to-date overview of your financing portfolio.

Well financed in any situation

As a farmer or forester you have the choice – whether you prefer to first rent the machinery and then buy it later, use the machinery for a certain time and then return it or want to own it from the outset and don’t want that to change. Whatever your plans are, we provide you with the right solution for any situation with the option of leasing, rental, hire purchase or credit.


Our financing – your advantages

  • Leasing / rental
    - Conserve equity
    - Invest off the balance sheet
    - Make use of tax-related advantages
    - Exchange machinery after a certain term
    - Use public-sector funding (from €250,000 investment amount)
  • Hire purchase

    - Ownership transfer at the end of the term
    - Account for the machine on the balance sheet
    - Lower your monthly costs with balloon payments
    - Use public-sector funding (from €250,000 investment amount)
  • Investment credit

    - Immediate ownership of the machine
    - Account for the machine on the balance sheet
    - Use public-sector funding (from €50,000 financing amount)

Well insured for successful farming

The best combine harvester is useless if it stops working during the harvest – of all times. Deutsche Leasing machinery insurance is specifically designed for agricultural and forestry machines. We assume not only repair costs, but also rental costs for a replacement machine if the repairs are going to take longer than a week.

Faster to the field


With our app for Apple and Android devices – whether dealer, manufacturer or customer from the world of agriculture or forestry – your requests for precise financing offers can be processed even faster. Take a picture and click – before long we’ll send you your financial solution right to your smartphone.