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  • Deutsche Leasing AG
    Frölingstraße 15 - 31
    61352 Bad Homburg v. d. Höhe
Service Number: Financing Requests
  • For cars, equipment or IT, please contact us. We will send you a leasing or financing offer.

    Monday - Thursday 8:00 - 18:00 h
    Friday 8:00 - 16:30 h
Service Hotline for Mobility-Customers
  • In all matters relating to accidental damage, repair approvals, fuel card replacement, delivery dates for new vehicles or vehicle return.

    Monday - Friday 8:00 - 18:00 h
  • 0800 3528800 (in Germany) 24-Hours-Service
  • From abroad: +49 6172 88-2488
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Services for fleet managers

Customised support

In addition to financing, we offer numerous services to make your life as a fleet manager easier. We offer far-sighted service components – from ancillary services to contract modifications and vehicle returns.

Full service: From servicing and repair to insurance+

We process goodwill and warranty claims for you and complete the car tax and registration formalities.  We make sure that everything in your fleet runs smoothly and efficiently. That gives you more time for your core business.
Our personal Service Card lets your drivers make cashless payments for servicing and repairs, and especially fuel, at Shell, Avia, Esso, Total, Aral, BP, Agip and OMV. It is convenient and puts an end to the endless stream of receipts. And if things go wrong, we organise breakdown assistance and replacement vehicles for your drivers. We are available around the clock on our European service hotline.
Looking for cheaper tyres? We buy in bulk from leading wholesale organisations and pass our savings directly on to you. On request, we can find appropriate insurance coverage and suitable partners for your vehicles. At the same time, you benefit from an attractive bonus system. Would you rather stick with your existing insurer? We can still take care of premiums and collection for you.

Automatic contract modifications: rapid response during the course of the contract+

Larger sales areas or new routes for your sales force – when circumstances change for your fleet, you need a fast response. We offer you automatic modifications during the course of the contract; to make sure you do not get landed with expensive back payments for extra mileage on a fixed-mileage contract when the lease comes to an end.
On request, we can also take over complete fleet monitoring. It saves time and money on inspections and back payments at the end of the contract. Our team of specialists continuously monitors your fleet, identifies outliers and automatically lets you switch to a lower-cost contract. This means you have your fleet costs under control at all times.

Vehicle returns: fair end-of-lease valuations+

Our vehicle return and valuation processes are certified, as guaranteed by our membership of the association of independent fleet management companies (VMF).
At the end of the agreed lease, we collect the vehicle and document its condition together with you in a return report. The valuation is carried out by an independent expert and is DEKRA-certified. So everything stays transparent and understandable for you.
Are you looking for even greater security? Then we can offer you additional protection against the costs of any end-of-lease damage. You cover the potential damage with an up-front payment and so have a fixed amount to work with right from the outset.

The VMF fair vehicle valuation

Online tools: total transparency for your success

Of course, you can also retrieve all the key data for your fleet online or request quotes for new vehicles with the help of our Web-based quotation and configuration tools. And if you want to save costs with your fleet and motivate your staff at the same time, our salary conversion model makes it possible.

Fleet Information Tool: an early warning system for your vehicle fleet+

FIT will make sure your fleet stays fit at all times. Our Web-based reporting system Fleet Information Tool (FIT) gathers all the relevant data about your company cars on an ongoing basis. You can generate reports at the touch of a button – to the day and whenever and wherever you want.
You have all the important data, clearly presented, just a mouse click away. Do you want to analyse the fuel consumption of your fleet? Or is it important for you to identify vehicles with a higher mileage? FIT is the easiest way imaginable to manage your fleet.

Advantages of fleet management with FIT

  • Fast information retrieval at any time
  • Reliable basis for planning
  • Overview of contract expiry dates
  • Overview of outstanding new orders
  • Easy to use, independent of time and place

Our Fleet Information Tool gives you your own personal early warning system and shows you in good time where you need to optimise. You have a better overview and an effective instrument for planning and managing your vehicle fleet because you can access all the relevant data at any time. This means you have your fleet costs under control at all times.


Fleet Vision: plan and configure your vehicle fleet+

Truly efficient fleet management begins when the vehicles are purchased. Realise extra savings potential with the Fleet Vision.
The expense is minimal, but the results go straight to your company account. Fleet Vision, our Web-based quotation and configuration tool, enables you to configure vehicles to your specifications at any time and from anywhere.
Fleet Vision has data on all vehicles and accessories and even shows current key account packages. It lets you configure vehicles with a few mouse clicks and calculate the lease payment. The focused model selection and use of current market data saves you a lot of time and money.
The quotation system also automatically factors in your car policy – on CO² or preferred marques, for instance. You identify cost-effective vehicles based on a total cost analysis. You can compare different vehicles and so it is easy to compare the total cost. This lets you find out potential savings even before you make the investment.

Use the benefits of Fleet Vision

  • Configure your chosen vehicle in line with your car policy
  • Easy to use with convenient user interface
  • Access to current market data
  • Compare different vehicles

Fleet Vision helps you to source new vehicles, especially if there are more than 50 vehicles in your fleet. Requests for quotes are generated in an optimised process. This makes purchasing simpler and more transparent and brings greater efficiency to your fleet management.


For everything to do with collision damage, clearance for repairs, replacement fuel cards, delivery dates for new vehicles or vehicle returns – around the clock!
From abroad: +49 6172 88-2488

  • 0800 3528 800 (in Germany)

FIT - Fleet Information Tool

The web-based reporting system evaluates all relevant data in seconds for you.


Fleet Vision Configurator

The web-based configuration and quotation system supports you in purchasing your fleet of 50 vehicles.