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Software leasing: use now, pay later

To survive in competitive markets, you have to approach and manage customers in an up-to-date and effective way, optimise supply chains and perfect your internal business processes. A modern software architecture in your company is a prerequisite for doing so.
Financing software is still difficult, however. Because legally, it is an ‘intangible asset’ and licenses do not count as collateral for a bank. Buying the programmes uses up your budget before you have even earned a euro with them.
Software leasing is the smart alternative.
Simply spread the costs over the entire useful life with our intelligent software leasing. You only pay the first financing rate for your new software when you start to use it, we take care of vital pre-financing contractual components such as customisation or your own internal work. There are no double payments while you transition from one system to the next, which conserves your cash flow. Stable leasing rates give you a secure basis for your calculations.

More than just software leasing

‘Off-the-peg software’ is not always the right solution. We have the expertise to accompany your individual software projects, too. Off-balance sheet, transparent and frugal with cash. Your financing facility with us integrates all project and system costs – from the planning stage to implementation.

  • Up-to-date software at all times
  • Optimising your IT budget
  • Low investment risk and constant budget visibility
  • Up-front financing of software projects, costs are only incurred when ready for use
  • All-round advice on sourcing and implementation

Integrated project support

Financing is not the only criterion for the success of a software package. That is why we offer you comprehensive project support together with our partner INTARGIA. It takes the pressure off you and helps to ensure the success of even complex projects. Experienced experts accompany your project right from the planning phase, including professional controlling. OEM-independent advice helps you to find the right solution for your company. Irrespective of your size and your industry.


Comprehensive project support for your success