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From a smartphone to a data centre


Out-of-date information technology holds your business back. Our IT leasing makes sure you are always at the cutting edge. Flexible and cost-effective. With no risk and complete visibility.
Smartphones, tablets, notebooks, PCs, laptops, printers, copiers, servers, networks, telephone systems or an entire data centre: you should use the latest hardware that can grow along with your company. As the leading German asset finance provider, we will develop the right financial solution for your IT investments - with a wide variety of services included.

So you can tackle your everyday IT challenges with success. Because instead of buying and binding yourself to rapidly obsolete technology, you can get the latest equipment and applications with the low cost and flexibility of leasing. You save in terms of your budget and your internal resources, too. We will pay your suppliers’ invoice and carry out all the paperwork for the stock-keeping and depreciation of many IT assets. The leasing rate stays constant, of course, and we will adapt the contract to your individual requirements.

Do you consider that one IT investment is the same as another and that all companies are the same? The reality is very different. So from us you won’t get a standard contract, but rather leasing solutions that meet your requirements perfectly.

One example: Leases with residual value offer you reduced rates and great flexibility.

Lease with residual value (true lease)

For IT hardware components, we offer operating leases – that is, leases with residual values. We call these true leases, because the calculation only includes the actual use during the course of the lease. This makes the lease payments particularly low. True leasing is particularly attractive if you need off-balance sheet leasing in accordance with US GAAP or International Financial Reporting Standards (IAS/IFRS). Our specialists are available with the specific knowledge to help you apply these standards correctly.

Asset management and End-of-life services complete our range of services to complement our financing products.

Moreover, we insure your IT if desired extensively and inexpensively against damages and unforeseen incidents.

Individual insurance solutions

Our insurance solutions help you to cope with unforeseen downtime. We adapt your insurance coverage, if desired, precisely to your requirements: our electronics insurance covers damage to hardware, whereas data insurance minimises the financial consequences of data loss. For even greater protection, there is also extra data insurance, which even pays out if your data loss has been caused by computer viruses or the manipulation of programs or data by third parties. It covers you for the costs of repurchasing or reinstalling the software, re-entering master data and transaction data and repurchasing data storage devices. So you are well protected in the event of loss.

Benefits that pay off quickly for you:

  • Lower costs, greater liquidity, more flexibility
  • Always state of the art
  • Full planning visibility, no unforeseen costs
  • Comprehensive technology life cycle services
  • Individual choice of insurance coverage
  • Off-balance sheet leasing in accordance with international standards

More than just hardware leasing

Do you need support and advice, not just in terms of financing? Our services to protect and optimise your IT investments contribute to further savings. We are independent of the OEMs and so can advise you on planning your IT project or on regularly optimising your IT infrastructure. We will accompany you throughout the entire technology cycle and will take care of labour-intensive processes. We are your asset finance partner you can trust at any time.