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    For cars, equipment or IT, please contact us. We will send you a leasing or financing offer.
Service Hotline Fleet
  • 0800 3528800 (in Germany) 24-Hours-Service
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    In all matters relating to accidental damage, repair approvals, fuel card replacement, delivery dates for new vehicles or vehicle return.

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Use our online service to report vehicle damage


In addition to financing, we offer a wide range of intelligent services – also for you as a driver. Our Service Card is one important part of the package. It lets you use all the services conveniently and without the need to pay in cash. That ranges from workshop servicing to damage management. Plus, you can use the Service Card to refuel at many German service stations, which saves time and avoids paper receipts. Also included are:

Tyre service: low-cost purchase and storage

The Service Card enables you to purchase and store tyres at low cost. Our service partner search and service hotline will give you the address of your closest tyre partner, where you can profit from our favourable bulk-purchase conditions.

Find a service partner: get back on the road quickly

If your company car is involved in an accident or is being serviced, you need rapid assistance to get back on the road again as quickly as possible. Our service partner search will help you to find the nearest tyre, glass or engineering partner and a car-hire firm.
Our free service hotline can be reached directly using click-to-call and provides personal help with all questions.

Damage reports online: convenient and no red tape

One call to our service hotline is all you need to do in the event of a collision. But you can also use the convenient online form to report damage to third parties or your own vehicle.
We will take care of the damage documentation, obtain expert opinions and check the invoices – and all while you are back on the road.

Damage management: we take care of everything

Our free hotline is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We will get you a replacement car as quickly as possible – and if you have had an accident, you can use our transport service.
Our nationwide network of certified bodywork and paint shops will make sure that your vehicle is repaired professionally and cost-effectively. We will complete the damage documentation for you and appoint a specialised expert, if required.


Service partner search

Trying to find a service partner in your area? Our service partner search will help you.


Damage report

Report any damage to your vehicle online.



For everything to do with collision damage, clearance for repairs, replacement fuel cards, delivery dates for new vehicles or vehicle returns – around the clock!
From abroad:
+49 6172 88-2488

  • 0800 3528800 (in Germany)