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Receivables management and credit insurance from a single source


Factoring for Customers in Germany

Factoring is becoming increasingly important as a supplementary or alternative form of financing. You can use this form of receivables financing for your growth, too.
Deutsche Factoring Bank, a subsidiary of Deutsche Leasing Group, is our specialist for factoring, receivables management and credit insurance. It is a member of the German Factoring Association as well as of Factors Chain International and offers all popular varieties of factoring to both large and small firms in Germany.
In this supplementary or alternative form of financing, we purchase your receivables from deliveries of goods and services and give you additional liquidity. At the same time, we save you the time and resources needed for collecting and managing receivables and protect you against defaults. 


Deutsche Factoring Bank

Langenstraße 15-21
28063 Bremen (Germany)

Kreuzerkamp 7-11
40878 Ratingen (Germany)


Our factoring services

At Deutsche Factoring Bank, we offer you solutions tailored individually to your specific requirements. Our services range from classic full-service factoring to special group solutions.
As a member of the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe, we have aligned our factoring solutions with the demands of the savings banks. We offer their customers with annual revenue of over 150,000 euros a working partnership on very attractive terms. The full-service product ‘S-Compact Factoring’ enables smaller companies and to make use of all these advantages, too. Depending on our customers’ wishes, we offer many other product solutions with a variety of service levels.
Our strength is our nationwide presence and broad sector coverage. They enable us to offer our customers close support and to provide financing solutions and services aimed at small and medium-sized companies.
This wide product range is made possible by the vast experience of our staff in factoring, receivables management and credit insurance. Our customers can also make use of our reliable, high-performance IT platform and our fast, secure data transmission channels.

Advantages you can use right away:

  • Safe and boost your liquidity
  • Finance additional growth
  • Limit your default risks
  • Concentrate on your core business
  • Gain greater market flexibility

More than just factoring

As leading asset-finance experts, our factoring solutions offer you a long-term financial and fiduciary service, which is used increasingly by small and medium-sized companies from all industries. As ‘factor’, we purchase your outstanding receivables from your customers (debtors) and pay the agreed price to you on the same day.
Factoring is used for short-term financing of sales revenue and to provide 100 per cent protection against defaults. However, factoring also includes professional debt and risk management services, which makes it very different from a straightforward bank loan.
With factoring, you gain time and financial flexibility and improve your position with regard to your suppliers. Long payment dates or arrears will not bother you any longer. Why not try it?