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Apprenticeship or integrated degree programme


Are you looking for a career that is right for you? One that is varied and interesting, demanding and with an international perspective?
Join us to get your career off to the best start. We give talented and dedicated pupils and A-level students the opportunity to complete an apprenticeship in an international company.
With us, you can gain your first practical experience as part of an integrated degree programme leading to a bachelor’s degree in business administration along with a banking apprenticeship or a bachelor’s degree in international business administration. Or are you thinking of a commercial apprenticeship? Both paths offer you a wide range of responsibilities and exciting jobs with good prospects.

Of course, you can also join us if you want to complete a work placement to help you decide on your future career.

The advantages of vocational training at Deutsche Leasing

  • Learn from experienced colleagues and specialists
  • All-round support
  • Training courses especially designed for you, in-house teaching and preparation for exams
  • Above-average apprentice pay and additional company benefits
  • High-flyers are guaranteed a job

More than just vocational training: potential and personality

So are you interested? Find out more here – about the application and selection process, for example, or the contents of the programme and our additional benefits. And read what our apprentices have to say.


Claudia Kreischer

Deutsche Leasing AG
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In trendence Schülerbarometer students of classes 8 till 13 surveyed with regard to their employer preferences nationwide.


This is how the integrated degree programme and the apprenticeship work

After a block of seminars, including initial information, PC skills, leasing basics etc., the students on the integrated degree programme start their studies in cooperation with accadis University or in cooperation with the Hesse Vocational Training Academy in Frankfurt and the Taunus Sparkasse.
Over the three years, the students regularly switch between practical company training and academic business studies at the university/vocational training academy. Students in the international stream also have bilingual lessons, and a term abroad forms part of the course.
On completing their studies, students obtain a bachelor’s degree from accadis University and from the international partner university. After three years, students in the national stream take the banking exam set by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce and complete their studies with a bachelor’s dissertation.
Apprentices complete the block of seminars and then spend several weeks in various departments of the company. This is followed by a block of lessons at the vocational training school. Every year, six to twelve weeks of practical training in the company alternate with twelve-week blocks of lessons at the vocational training school. At the end of the first year of the apprenticeship, they take the first part of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce exam. The final examinations take place in the summer of the subsequent year.
Final examinations consist of a practical and written part (generally in May of the second year) as well as oral exams before the Examination Committee (June/July of the second year). When the apprentices have passed the oral exam, their apprenticeship ends and the employment contract signed beforehand with the future department comes into effect.

Company benefits

Find out about the general conditions and company benefits during your apprenticeship.
Trial period
The trial period for office management clerks is four months and for BA graduates six months.
Your holiday entitlement is 30 days per calendar year; this applies pro rata temporis in the last year of your apprenticeship/degree.
Salary/Apprentice pay
The monthly salary is between that paid by banks and savings banks. Details will be provided in the interview.
Variable component in the form of an exam bonus
Depending on your performance, you can earn from 0 to 150 per cent of the basic amount. Your results during the practical training at Deutsche Leasing and your final exam grades account for 50 per cent of your performance.
Christmas bonus
All apprentices and bachelor’s students receive a special payment in November during their vocational training.
University/Academy fees
Deutsche Leasing pays all the fees (registration and examination fees for first-year exams) for accadis University and Frankfurt Vocational Training Academy and does not require students to repay them or to commit to any given period of employment.
Subsidised meals
Lunch in the company restaurant is subsidised by Deutsche Leasing.
Travel costs reimbursed
Deutsche Leasing reimburses 100 per cent of travel costs with public transport, but via your payslip, so the statutory social security contributions are deducted.
Travel expenses for stays abroad and at branch offices
For the term abroad in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, which is an integral part of the International Business Administration degree course, we pay the following benefits:
- One return flight, plus one further flight to the company’s annual kick-off event
- Daily expenses (for accommodation and food)
- Vocational training salary is paid throughout
- Pro-rata university fees for Northumbria University
Deutsche Leasing also pays travel expenses, food and accommodation for stays at branch offices in Germany and abroad (project studies).

Our selection process

Our selection process consists of several stages in which we aim to get to know you better: your skills, your potential and your personality.
1. Receipt of application

After receiving your application, we look at your profile and decide whether to invite you as a candidate to the Application Day. You will be notified accordingly.

2. Applicants day

When you come to the Application Day, we will use half a day to tell you about Deutsche Leasing and the vocational training available in our company. There is time set aside for questions,which you can pose directly to our current apprentices and students. Finally, you will be given a test with some written questions. What happens next depends on your results.
3. Second applicants day

If your good results qualify you as a candidate for the next round, we would like to get to know you better in person. Then we will invite you to come back for another Application Day that lasts all day. This time we focus on your personality. Our tip is to simply behave as you really are!
You will then receive our final decision on whether we would like to offer you an apprenticeship/university place, along with detailed feedback. An additional interview will only be conducted in special cases.

Documents required for your application

If you are interested in our vocational training programmes, please use our Applicant Login.

These are the documents we need to process your application:

  • Cover letter (proofread well)
  • Accurate curriculum vitae with no gaps
  • School certificates (secondary school, vocational training school, university entrance certificate)
  • At least the last two certificates, every final certificate
  • Certificates from the vocational training school and the company if you have already started/completed an apprenticeship
  • References from work placements

You may also submit the following documents:

  • References from social projects
  • References from part-time jobs
  • Personal recommendations
  • Proof of relevant qualifications

Feedback from our students

Jasmin Seidel

  • Office clerk
  • Location: Bad Homburg
  • Job: Purchase Facility Management

Personal Highlights

  • Three-month sabbatical with time spent in Argentina
  • Visit to the Hamburg branch during my apprenticeship
  • Regular visits to branch offices as part of my duties

After completing my apprenticeship as an office clerk, I was offered a job in the purchasing department. During my apprenticeship I very much enjoyed working in the various departments and getting to know different people. I also was praised for good work, which motivated me to keep working hard. My next career prospects are in professional on-the-job training.

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Jonas, Freizeitverwirklicher