Service spectrum

Performant sales financing at home and abroad

Financing is today a standard service offered by many manufacturers and dealers of complex goods. Customers expect not only a good product from a supplier but also good financing. This is the criterion by which a company's performance is measured.

A sales financing strategy must be three-fold:

  • sell more: the number of purchase decisions must increase.
  • sell faster: the decision to purchase must be made earlier.
  • sell longer: customers must decide to purchase again and again.

Service modules of Deutsche Leasing are:

  • Individual cooperation agreements.
  • Training of sales personnel.
  • Electronic sales support.
  • Specially structured agreements.
  • Customer loyalty programmes.
  • Personal sales support during discussions with your customer, also directly and locally.
  • Financial services package bearing the manufacturer's or product's name (e.g. joint venture or same-name leasing).
  • Comprehensive asset know-how combined with modern asset management structures.

Grow successfully with joint ventures

Our services comprise the planning, projection and realisation of cooperation models such as sales leasing in co-branding, same-name cooperation or establishment of joint ventures.
Depending on the model agreed, you can use interesting outsourcing opportunities: while you continue to concentrate on your core competence, we can operate your own financing and service company in your name, requiring you to hold hardly any processing capacities available.

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