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Cooperation between manufacturers and dealers, and financing experts is becoming ever more important. Sales leasing, national and increasingly international sales promotion business is one of the growth branches of the future. Coordinated action concentrates the competence of partners and the synergies gained here create added value for all interested parties.

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Our partners enjoy four essential advantages:

  1. Risk hedging: you as supplier receive your money as the leasing company is the goods purchaser.
  2. Safeguarding liquidity: the company receives its money in time because the leasing company remits the purchase price as soon as the machine is delivered.
  3. Control: the manufacturer only concludes transactions with customers who have passed the leasing company's careful loan review.
  4. More sales: new business options through cooperation with Deutsche Leasing as your financial partner.

Deutsche Leasing: partner for manufacturers and the trade

There are many reasons for both manufacturers and dealers in national and international markets using complementary competence and skills:

  • better access to resources (capital markets)
  • acquisition of additional competence (leasing and financing know-how)
  • risk sharing (credit assessment, capital commitment)
  • cost reduction (financial services, expensive distribution and advisory capacities do not need to be developed)
  • easier access to target markets (would be difficult alone)

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