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Flexible working hours

Our aim is to structure annual working hours to a large extent freely, while taking operating requirements into account. The intention is to utilise the potential of a work volume that is not uniform, to extend the scope for adapting service times to external and internal requirements, and to increase motivation for our customers. At the same time, this allows employees more scope to organise their individual working hours and therefore independently balance work and life. We emphasise personal responsibility and own initiative. There is also an open culture in this context relating to part-time work and sabbaticals.

Travelling allowance

If you use public transport to get to work, you will currently receive an allowance of 50 per cent of your travelling expenses. This is our joint contribution to helping the environment.

Company pension scheme and accident insurance

We grant an additional employer-financed company pension. The benefits are orientated at the spectrum of statutory old-age pension schemes and are paid when required as an old-age pension, premature old-age pension and disablement pension. In addition, the surviving dependents are covered by a widow's/widower's pension and orphan's benefit. You receive the right to a pension module for each year of service at Deutsche Leasing.

We also offer you the opportunity of additional measures to safeguard your old age, in particular e.g. concluding cost-effective life insurance policies with companies of the Sparkasse Finanzgruppe. You can also pay contributions into the Sparkasse pension fund through Deutsche Leasing. And we grant you a comprehensive accident insurance both for professional and private purposes.

Company suggestion scheme

We want to hear your ideas. We have a modern idea management with attractive premiums that are paid through our "cafeteria system" for optimum tax purposes. For example, you can decide whether you want to have the amount remunerated as a lump-sum payment or as an additional contribution into the company pension scheme. But perhaps you'll decide to take additional time off.

Home Office

We believe allowing our personnel to work at home is an important contribution to the further development of a modern work environment. We therefore support the establishment of tele-workplaces. Our experience shows that there is no difficulty in maintaining or increasing working efficiency in this way, and under certain circumstances even saving costs and additionally alleviating the burden on the environment caused by travelling to and from work. And this of course gives our employees greater work satisfaction in being able to achieve a better balance between family and profession.


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