Leasing procedure

Nine steps to your investment

You are planning an investment and decide on the object you want e. g. a company car, machine or EDP system. You negotiate with the manufacturer or dealer of your choice as a cash payer. And then the leasing begins...

  1. Your investment and liquidity planning commences with an advisory discussion, during which the framework for the leasing transaction is defined.
  2. We then discuss the required investment object and your supplier's quotation with you. Our know-how may help you to make quite a saving.
  3. We, Deutsche Leasing, develop a tailored leasing offer for you and present the appropriate leasing solution or corresponding financing alternatives to you.
  4. The leasing agreement for the object in question is concluded.
  5. Deutsche Leasing then concludes the purchase contract for you with your supplier.
  6. This is followed by the delivery of the object by your supplier. You confirm the perfect condition of the goods in a declaration of acceptance.
  7. We pay the supplier's invoice.
  8. You pay the leasing instalments for the agreed amount and term.
  9. When the contract ends, the leasing object is sold on a joint basis.

Do you want to know the appropriate financing objects for leasing? The different types of contract possible for the respective leasing objects? Then check out our service spectrum where your questions will be answered.

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