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Our contracts-as flexible as your business

One IT investment is like the other – all companies are the same? Reality is something else. And that is why we will not offer you a standard contract that has to match every situation. We offer you customised leasing solutions ideally suited to your needs. The basis for this is formed by three different types of contract that are custom-made to suit the special requirements of the IT business.

Balance sheet-neutral with True Lease® international

True Lease® is leasing of IT hardware with open residual value. For you, this means: you invest without capital expenditure, safeguard your liquidity and allow yourself more entrepreneurial scope with this type of financing. This is valid whether you prepare your balance sheet according to international or to US regulations. The reason for this is that under certain circumstances, our True Lease® contracts can also be represented balance sheet-neutrally as operating leasing contracts. That not only leaves us with the liquidation risk and gives you all of the benefits of leasing when accounting in accordance with IAS/IFRS and US-GAAP, but also leads to extremely low rates.

Your advantages:

  • Lower costs, more flexibility
  • Safeguards your liquidity
  • Balance sheet-neutral also in accordance with IAS/IFRS and US-GAAP

With the True Lease® framework contract you can cover a great number of items at low expense

The True Lease® framework contract is the ideal solution if you often need to make small purchases. Instead of paying for each item separately, simply order on the account of Deutsche Leasing. We will pay the suppliers’ invoices for you and summarise all the investments you have made at the end of the quarter. This means you merely receive four concise statements per year instead of an abundance of individual invoices. This minimises your administrative expenses, keeping your processes lean and more efficient and thereby reducing your costs.

Your advantages:

  • Convenient bundling of numerous individual investments
  • Less effort, lower costs, more efficiency
  • Clear basis for calculation

Maximum flexibility with the terminable contract

Do you wish to remain flexible and able to react swiftly to changing demands? The terminable contract makes this possible. You can terminate the contract on previously agreed upon dates prior to the end of the basic duration of the contract by paying a contractually agreed upon final payment – for example because you decide to switch to newer equipment. On the other hand, if you wish to use the leased items longer than originally planned, simply leave the contract unterminated. This terminable contract enables you to secure all of the benefits of a conventional leasing contract and still leave your options open.

Your advantages:

  • High flexibility with maximum planning reliability
  • Safeguards liquidity
  • Balance sheet-neutral
  • Improved equity ratio

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