Diplomas and more

Practical experience from on-the-job training

For anyone joining the profession, gaining insight and practical experience is indispensable.

Modern trade and industry require, apart from a sound basis of knowledge, above all user know-how in day-to-day business. As this is the only way personal responsibility in conduct can grow, we are very active in supporting this process.

On-the-job training

On-the-job training should last at least four weeks. During this time, you will devote yourself to the drafting of concepts within a fixed task or you will cooperate in fixed projects. You should apply in good time, submitting informative application documents. The number of semesters already completed is of secondary importance - we are far more interested in your motivation for on-the-job training at Deutsche Leasing. It is very important that you tell us when you are available and the area you are interested in.

Diploma dissertation

We will also be pleased to support you while you are writing your diploma dissertation but you should choose a subject which is also of interest to us. You will then receive the best possible support during your time with us but this is only possible if you apply in good time.


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