A brief narrative of our company

The narrative of Deutsche Leasing has many highlights. We have listed some of the important milestones in our corporate history. Indulge yourself in a brief journey in time.


Deutsche Leasing GmbH is founded in Düsseldorf on 10 January. It is one of the predecessor companies of Deutsche Leasing AG. The idea came ten years previously from the first leasing companies in the USA. The first German leasing object was a cash register.


The Esso petroleum group signs the first business exceeding one million for 20 computer units.


Deutsche Leasing AG is born from the merger of Deutsche Leasing GmbH, Maschinen Miete GmbH and Mietdienst GmbH.


"In ten years, leasing will be ready for its public début", said Dr. Heinz Sippel, WestLB board. The ceremonial address is given by Gerhard Stoltenberg.


Leased assets of Deutsche Leasing exceed the first billion Deutsch Mark. Deutsche Auto-Leasing GmbH introduces the service card and for the first time in Germany leasing for private persons. Leasing has been common in sport for a long time. In 1975 FC Bayern München officially "leased out" footballer Uli Hoeneß for a consideration to 1. FC Nürnberg; a leasing company was involved in this. Leasing could become a lucrative, new business field.


Large-scale business like the leasing of 1,104 goods wagons to Bahninvest GmbH, subsidiary of Deutsche Bundesbahn, and printing machines for 26 million Deutschmarks increase the new business to a billion Deutschmarks – and with just some 215 employees.


Deutsche Leasing occupies its newly built company headquarters in Bad Homburg on the 25th anniversary of its foundation. In the same year, its subsidiary Deutsche Auto-Leasing GmbH introduces used-car leasing to Germany and has developed a special agreement model.


Deutsche Leasing allows its customers to lease software only, even without hardware. Instead of non-recurrent or annual licence fees, the costs are distributed over the lease instalments.


Deutsche Leasing Italia in Florence is the start of Europeanisation. Other foreign companies follow fast in Hungary, the Czech Republic, France, Poland, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Slovakia and Russia.


Deutsche Leasing gets new owners. 430 savings banks acquire 100 per cent of the share capital from the Central Savings Banks in order to concentrate jointly with Deutsche Leasing on a strategic focus in small-to-medium-sized company business.


Deutsche Leasing is now represented with its own companies in ten countries in Europe. In addition, it establishes Deutsche Leasing Slovakia with registered office in Bratislava. The internet is on the advance and with it the financial services of Deutsche Leasing too: Deutsche Auto-Leasing GmbH offers its complete fleet reporting system with Fleet Information Tool (FIT) on the internet.


40 years of Deutsche Leasing - 40 years of leasing in Germany: personnel celebrate this anniversary together with customers and business partners.


Deutsche Leasing launches its car offensive with the Sparkassen, and counters the car manufacturers' banks by offering a strong service range through attractive car leasing from the Sparkassen. Deutsche Leasing UK is founded in London.


Deutsche Leasing takes off with a new sales channel: e-leasing is a standardised range offered to IT manufacturers, dealers and computer retailers and, where purchase values are low, facilitates the web-based conclusion of contracts at the point of sale. Customers receive the investment undertaking directly while talking to their advisors. AutoExpo Deutsche Auto-Markt GmbH, centre of excellence of the Deutsche Leasing Group for marketing used vehicles, extends the range it offers in Gießen to private customers.


The Savings Banks car loan scheme (Sparkassen-Autokredit) provides a new joint loan offer for Savings Banks customers. In addition, the subsidiary Deutsche Computer-Leasing GmbH – today Deutsche Leasing Information Technology GmbH – is certified as one of the first German leasing companies for the certification of management systems to DIN EN ISO 9001.

Deutsche Leasing positions itself as a full-range provider. The property specialist Deutsche Anlagen-Leasing GmbH (DAL) now belongs to the Deutsche Leasing Group. This means that Deutsche Leasing is now one of the five biggest leasing providers in Europe.


The partnership between Savings Banks and Deutsche Leasing is now 25 years old. The Savings Banks Finance Group looks after joint medium-sized customers regionally and develops investment solutions and services designed for medium-sized businesses. Through this approach the alliance partners impress with their industry knowledge, asset expertise and consultation skills.


After 30 years, the DIF Bank Deutsche Investitions Finanz GmbH Bank is renamed Deutsche Leasing Finance GmbH. Together with the Savings Banks and Sparkassen-Autokredit, it uses its long-standing experience in the financial industry to win market share in the vehicle financing business.


The modernisation work on the headquarters of Deutsche Leasing AG on Frölingstraße begins. The building undergoes complete renovation and is given a completely new construction to ensure that in the future there will be enough space in Bad Homburg for all employees.


Deutsche Leasing adopts the colour red for its corporate identity and thus aligns itself with the Savings Banks Financial Group.


Deutsche Leasing AG has been accompanying its sales partners abroad for a number of years. The founding of a subsidiary in Brazil means that Deutsche Leasing is now represented in this important market for German manufacturers of machines and operating plants.

Deutsche Leasing AG brings its private banking (Sparkassen-Autokredit) into a joint venture with Landesbank Berlin. This means that S-Kreditpartner GmbH emerges as a central alliance partner for the car and consumer finance business in the Savings Banks Financial Group.


Deutsche Leasing is 50 years old. With the help of its international network and the secure financial basis through the Savings Banks Financial Group, the leasing pioneer can gain market share even in economically troubled times and reinforce its position as the market leader of manufacturer-independent leasing companies.