Advantages of leasing

Advantages and use through modern leasing

Ten good reasons that speak for Deutsche Leasing

  1. You are free to decide which investment object is appropriate for you because Deutsche Leasing is manufacturer-independent.
  2. You negotiate with the supplier as you would any purchase transaction. Deutsche Leasing takes over your order but claims to delivery and warranty pass to you.
  3. Your equity and credit line are maintained. So you have more financial leeway - also against the background of Basel II.
  4. Leasing costs are incurred in parallel to use of the leasing object. You simply pay the leasing instalments directly from the income generated from the capital goods.
  5. Leasing costs are fixed costs over the entire term of the agreement. Your planning and cost basis is therefore clearly defined over the whole leasing period.
  6. Your leasing agreement can be tailored to meet your individual needs e.g. with respect to term, payment procedure and payment mode as well as further use of the leasing object when the agreement ends (follow-up sale).
  7. Your investment is not reflected in the balance sheet because we, Deutsche Leasing, activate the leasing object in our balance sheet. Nevertheless the tax advantage stays with you as leasing objects are recognised as operating expenses and are fully deductible for tax purposes.
  8. Your administrative expenditure is much lower as lessee because our leasing experts take care of many details for you e.g. in terms of procurement, depreciation or sale of your leasing object.
  9. You can keep up with innovations and regularly use up-to-date technologies because leasing eases your modernisation and follow-up investments with appropriate drafting of agreements.
  10. Depending on your individual investment and corporate situation, leasing offers you many other advantages at home and abroad. Deutsche Leasing is your competent partner, you benefit from the know-how of a market leader with experience of over 45 years in leasing.

It's as obvious as can be: leasing with Deutsche Leasing makes sense. If these ten reasons have satisfied you, then you will certainly want to know how leasing works in practice. Find out here.

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