Advantages for your customers

Why partnership is profitable for your customers too

The five most important advantages for your customers:

  1. As far as your customer is concerned, sales financing solves his financing problem. He can decide straightaway on the spot on the product of his choice. A product and financing from just one company is convenient and saves time.

  2. Your customer will be able in general to increase his financing margin when purchasing valuable objects because no additional security is required. He can also keep his own funds and other security to a large extent free of commitment.

  3. Your customer secures low charges for himself through favourable conditions and terms conforming with use. If the conditions are fixed for the entire term, he will avoid risks connected with changes in the interest level.

  4. Transparent terms of repayment mean that the purchase has a clear basis of calculation, to which he can adapt his profitability considerations or budget calculations.

  5. Your customer can tailor his investment financing to his precise operating conditions. This can even allow for an inflow of seasonal earnings.

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