Advantages for manufacturers and dealers

Why it pays to be our partner

Are you interested as dealer or manufacturer in a partnership with us? Do you want to grow at national or international level? If so, the following advantages will convince you.

Eight advantages for manufacturers and dealers:

  1. In providing a product and financing from one and the same company, manufacturers/dealers are fulfilling the expectations of many purchasers today.

  2. Product quality and good technical advice are still the basis for successful sales. Increasingly, a concurrent attractive financing opportunity for investments is also a decisive factor because financial clarity facilitates the decision to purchase. There is no doubt that manufacturers and dealers who offer sales financing concepts gain the competitive edge.

  3. The competence of the manufacturer's or dealer's sales personnel is also extended through sales financing advice. It means stronger customer loyalty because the financing question is solved without creating extra work for the purchaser. At the same time, the supplier need have no fear that the customer will change his mind again while external financing is being arranged.

  4. Attractive financing complements a product's profitability. This frequently allows a productivity gain through more modern technology. Then you can calculate for your customer in advance in euros and cents how quickly the machine can be repaid.

  5. Interesting financing and leasing quotations also offer manufacturers and dealers greater scope in pricing because your partnership with Deutsche Leasing allows you to offer sales financing without the customer committing own liquidity and without burdening your financing margins. The sales transaction becomes a cash transaction which immediately yields an inflow of cash and the profit included in the sales price.

  6. In addition, there is no need to monitor payment receipts. There are no connected management expenses, and there is no default risk.

  7. In cooperating with us, you can profit from the corporate advantages of leasing tailored to your requirements and handled at your point of sales, and the economically attractive and legally safe agreements drafted by Deutsche Leasing.

  8. Our competent personnel will act as mentor in your target countries in realising your plans. Our branch specialists who are very familiar with the respective branch conditions in your target countries will also be available to you for the areas of building, printing, plastics and agricultural machines. You can be certain that the right contact partner will be at your side to answer all your questions.

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